In front of my daughter

I’m 50 and y daughter is 20. She lives about five hours away and we keep in touch by Skype each week. We usually speak on Monday night around 9pm. Most times, I go to my room and log onto Skype, put clothes away, straighten up until I hear her log on.

Last month, I went to my room, loggged on and laid on my bed.My laptop is at the end of my bed. I was just going to lay there until I heard her log on. I was about ten minutes early, was pretty horny and decided to masturbate. I knew I could finish before she logged on.

I got naked and started fingering myself and then reached ito my night stand to get my dildo. I was very hot this night and totally got into it. I was fantasizing and fucking myself wildly. I was so hot that I squirted. When I finshished, I looked up to wait for my daughter to come on line only to realize that she was already on. I was shocked.

I asked her how long she had been on and she said about five minutes or so.i said, “ oh my God, did you see me?” She told me yes that had watched. I asked her why she didn’t say anything to let me know she was on. She said she wanted to watch me. I was blunt and asked her if it turned her on. She said that it did and that she masturbated watching me. She said that she had never seen a pussy with so much hair.

I then asked her if she came. She told me that she had a powerful orgasm more than usual. I was a bit speechless. She said not to worry that no one would ever know. She even said she would like to watch again as the taboo aspect turned on her on. To my surprise, she asked me to be very honest and asked if I would do it again and if it would turns me on knowing she was watching.

I paused for a minute and I actually would do it again and yes, it would turm me on for her to watch. I totally surprised myself by this. As I was thinking, she threw back her covers, spread her legs and showed me her pussy. She is shaved and I had never seen that. She just laid there letting me look not saying anything.

A few minutes later she started fingering herself and I did too. We both masturbated watching each other and had amazing orgasms and I squirted several times. We have now done this three times more since then and we find it very hot. No one knows ( except the readers now) and I suspect we will continue.

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