Growing a huge belly

I want to grow my expansive belly much bigger. Right now I weigh only 280, am 6’3” and have a 58” belly when I sit. I love to eat and my wife knows I want to get bigger but won’t feed me or encourage me other than when we have s** when she calls me her big fat boy.

I’d love to double the size of my belly at the least and wish I could find a woman to feed and stuff me.

Nov 5, 2018

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  • S** is the ultimate in a marriage when You get fat together. I have always been into my wife gaining weight and getting fatter and she never liked it. I continued to try to throw her off her diet attempts but buying all the groceries, cooking for us and stocking so many of her fattening favorite treats. She started fattening g up nicely but what I didn’t realize is I grew a huge folio as well. This seems to be what my wife and our marriage was missing to keep her getting fatter and to actually seem like she didn’t mind it anymore being that I was now Fat with her. She not only initiated s** now all the time but was a sexual fiend for me in bed. Orgasming and climaxing faster and multiple times every night. I guess it was not only her getting fatter but my new huge fit too that sent her into exctasy.

  • Eww nasty ass b****

  • I disagree. Nothing sexier than an overextended belly.

  • What do you like about it?

  • I just retired and have decided to stop worrying over my weight. I'm letting myself go. I'm 5'8" and at 250, the heaviest I've ever been. I'm going to grow a tank so big I won't be able to waddle.

  • What are you doing to fatten up? What’s your friends or partner think.

  • I'm eating everything. Double portions until I'm a bloated fat man.

  • Do it! Us fat boys get a helluva lot more attention than wives think. Especially if you show it off confidently.

  • What are you weighing in at these days?

  • Bout 310 or 315. Scale stops at 300 so not sure. But pretty much busting out of every shirt I own.

  • I'm 5'8"(68" tall) and currently 250. I want a waist/gut girth of 68" also. That way I'll be as big around as I am tall. I figure that would probably be around 350 lbs or so.

  • Damn, that’s some roundness! I’m 6’2” so could probably thicken up more. What kept you from beefing up when you were working?

  • It was a physical job with long hours and a degree of adherence to appearance. I always worried over my weight. Now, it feels great to let myself go.

  • Nice. You’ll have to go back and visit once you really pork up. How’s your wife feel about you getting fatter?

  • My gut tank is big enough now I can't see my boots anymore and I added another fat roll to the back of my bald head. I can really tell I'm a fat man when I walk up to a glass store entrance.

  • I hear ya! Been growing my gut for a while as well. Has your wife started encouraging you yet? Sounds like she’ll come around.

  • Bout same, haven’t found anyone yet. ☹️

  • Have you looked on feabie or fantasy feeder?

  • How big is that belly now? Find another woman to grow it for you?

  • Bout same, haven’t found anyone yet☹️

  • If you don’t mind my asking, have you talked with your wife about why she’s into your belly during s** but not other times?

  • If she calls you her big fat boy during s**, odds are she’s liking your fatness more than she admits. My wife is the same way - only teases me during s**. But I think about it all the time and get h**** knowing deep down, I’m her f***** or hog…

  • I'm in the same boat. My wife teases me when we have s**, calling me f***** or piggy, but I wish she'd really stuff me and encourage me to get bigger. I'm about 325 now, but need a lot more weight. I want to be absurdly obese, just a huge jiggling fat blob.

  • Have you grown any fatter? Did you ever talk about it with her?

  • Me too. Always grabs my fat belly right when she c***.

  • There is something with women being turned on by Fat guys bellies and especially their husbands if they knew they fattened them up with their cooking. But than they flip the switch at times and think if health and other things and are not as attracted at other times. The key is becoming good eating buddies and getting really fat together so they have no reason to admire anything else but your fatness and their uncontrollable appetite.

  • Totally love this. Wish it were me. Need to have a big pendulous gut

  • Dude it’s amazing!

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