Belly sitting

Ever since I was a child I have always loved sitting on girls bellies. I especially like the warmth and softness of it. When I sit on a girl I always lift her shirt up to her ribs. Her bare belly is the very warmest. I love to sit and gently rocked back-and-forth and wiggle on the belly. I love it when they keep their knees down because their hips make it feel like a warm soft saddle. Does anyone else have this strange fetish? Do any girls like to be sad on?

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  • I'm a young girl that has a fantasy of having a guy sit on my stomach. Please leave your email if you'd be willing to do that.

  • I would love to sit on your belly.


  • If you are in England, then please mail me, A german adress but visiting uk shortly

  • I do that to my wife. She loves it. I dont sit on her for long. Im normaly already aroused. I just sit on top of her stomach and ride her with a back and forth motion until i e********. Does anybody else enjoy doing this?

  • My wife loves to sit on my belly in favorite velvet pants , and bounces very hard until she gets off

  • Does she just bounce on your stomach or grind against your stomach like when a woman humps a pillow

  • I used to love sitting on my cousin deborahs belly i woud love to have a nice faf girl to sit on again it woud be nice to have a fat warm belly to sit on again so soft and comfortable sit on

  • You are a blockhead ,you are 69 years old now and still doing that .Her bowels will explode and she will vomit blood ,it will be her end . The belly is like a balloon .What have you left for children ,your mind is like your a*** .

  • You're proud of your stupidity aren't you? Really bragging

  • And your an idiot. Lol 69??? I've heard of the new math but come on bud, work on that GED

  • Only those idiot people who do that .it causes inner bleeding for the the victim .Don't deal with a girl like a donkey .

  • How to increase partner's stamina to bear my weight 140lb on her stomach for a long time? She is of 85lb. She thinks that streight sitting for long will harm her. Is it true. If not how to end that fear? How to increase (our) male stamina to sit for 1 or 2 or more hours without e**********? Please give tips, tricks, experience etc...

  • There must be severe laws to prevent such mad people from doing such trifles .

  • I also have this fetish. I first started sitting on girl's stomachs when I was about 12. One girl I knew was called Jackie. She was three years older than me and whenever I got the opportunity I would leap on top of her and get very aroused by it. She used to wriggle and writhe around under me laughing and giggling. I think she knew what affect it was having on me. I'm 55 now and I would like to recapture those days. I just need a willing woman who likes to be straddled.

  • Your mind is like your mother's p****

  • I am a great lover of sitting on women's bellies. I started at 7, I am now 69 and still doing it with a gorgeous 47 year old, who likes to be straddled. She will always wear sexy bra and panties or bikinis, so I always have her lovely bare belly to sit on You can contact me at this address

  • Insert your middle finger into your nasty a*** and smell it ,your mind is like

  • Insert your forefinger into your a*** and smell it ,you are a poof .

  • You are not a man and you have a c*** ,f*** your p**** and your nasty a*** ,your mother's c*** .you are a poof .

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