Me & My sleeping cousin feet.....

Well this story is 100% True. I was staying over at my cousin house, she’s nice, skinny, Nice Feet, She’s kinda geeky, She loves cooking. It was long day after work for her, she was working at a store part time. Well she got home, and showed me, where I was sleeping at her place, I was sleeping in her room, and she was sleeping in her sister room. It got late, Like 2 am, I waited till 3 to make sure, She was asleep, I went into her room, and crawled at the foot of the bed,, Her feet was covered with blankets, So, I just reached in there, and pull out her foot, Then I started smelling her feet, wasn’t much smell to them, except her toes, I just started licking her feet, covered her soles in saliva, and started sucking her toes, As I did that, I took couple pictures of her feet, I worship her feet twice in my life. While she was sleeping, she’s older then me.

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