Gave My Ex a Kink

I was with this girl for a couple of years. She had dainty, cute feet and nice legs, but I never told her I was into her feet. One day, we were on the couch and I asked to massage them. She let me, and while I was rubbing them, I gave her my feet to rub. We kept this up as a routine for pretty much every day and sometimes even made her kiss my feet and toes. She looked like she was grossed out, but I knew something was changing in her. She started going on walks more often and did a lot of workouts. I could tell because the soles of her feet got thicker (she pumiced them, so they were smooth) and her they legs got more muscular. The turning point was when I found her with my dirty socks. She confessed that she had developed a **. We indulged each other's kink for a while, but split up for unrelated reasons. I think I saw her online doing foot **, but I couldn't tell. Recently a friend reached out and told me how much of a foot freak she had become. She started giving ** and sucking toes, which my friend wasn't a fan of. He sent a picture of her going feet that she sent him and I couldn't believe it. Her soles were plump and very meaty, thicker than anything shd could have gotten from normal exercise. I didn't just give my ex a kink, I gave her an obsession. But I confess, I think this is an improvement.

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