Cousin feet

My female cousin works really long hours. When she comes home. (We share a house) lately ive been rubbing her feet for her (I also have a foot fetish she doesn't know) .at times i just want to start licking her feet. I guess what i want to know is should i tell her

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  • I know what you mean. I have a cousin that used to indulge my foot fetish when we were teenagers. That must sound strange to some people but I was never sexually attracted to her or anything like that, it never even crossed my mind. I think I saw her as a "safe" girl to explore my foot fetish with. She thought it was a little funny and strange at first but then realized that it was harmless and didn't seem to mind. I would still do it to this day but we are both married now and my wife takes care of that for me.

  • Yes i think she wouldn't mind :D

  • I'm am a 30 year old male and would love to f*** a few of my female cousins

  • Ew, bro, that's gross. Get a girlfriend, and keep your hands off your cousin

  • Funny coming fropm someone that boasted on another forum that they molest their nephew. You need to STOP!

  • I'm guessing your 'hoping' she will be into it as much as you by telling her.
    Depends on your relationship with her. I have cousins that this wouldn't fly what so ever with and they would think negatively about it and me.

    I have a cousin that we are buddies and share our kinks with each other. We were very open and had a period of time where we hung out nekkid together and of course played.

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