Isn't Part Of My Sexuality Immoral?


I'm attracted to younger girls as well as older, about 7-35.
I'm 29, bi, and I have twin girls. I have never done anything with them, nor do I have pictures of them. They have been semi-sexual with me, and it was very tempting for me to become sexually active with them. My wife and mother found out about my fantasies and now they aren't coming over to the house I'm at, although I can be with them with supervision.

I've been suicidal about this since I highly value morality and not violating kids or doing incest. I read this post, and also found this post:

I want to talk about this with people. I feel so alone.
I made an email for this if you want to follow up in private:

I've emailed just about everyone who provided their email here.
I'm not looking for child p***.
I'm looking to discuss sexual proclivity and feelings.
I'm tired of being alone with my thoughts about touching my kids.



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  • Here's a good idea. Why don't you go out to the highway and wait for a semi to come by. Right when he gets to you, go ahead and do the world a favor by stepping out in front of the semi.
    Problem solved!

  • If you're going to take your own life, have enough consideration not to draw innocent semi-drivers into it. Just go jump off a bridge into a river with some rocks in your pockets.

  • Good point. Just as long as he finishes the job.

  • Rocks in pocket only will sink u so far if you really wanna fly go high jump off a building

  • Im tired of you being alone with the thoughts of touching your oun children too

  • You have children

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