Enjoy exposing

I have always been blessed with the gift of a big package, 8 1/2" long, Thick veiny and a big knob, Straight when hard and have never gotten less than a wide eyed smile as a reaction, I have also always enjoyed the reactions more so than probably any other part.
I have exposed myself to a lot of girls but some of my most memorable are:
1) Best friends mom, Growing up I spent a lot of time at their place and was pretty much one of the family I probably would have anyway but it didn't hurt that I had a bit of a crush on his mom, Short, Brunette, Decent looking and I have no idea what size her t!ts were but they were massive for her build and she eventually had a reduction. She got to see it a few times but the first time was the best, I had stayed over and my friend had to leave early for work, I stayed over so much his parents got him bunk beds and I was sleeping in the bottom bunk, I heard her coming up the stairs, At 16 I was pretty much hard all the time but I whipped it out and pretended to be asleep on my back with my head turned the other way but where I was able to peek at her in the mirror, She opened the door and walked in with an arm full of clothes, Set them on his dresser, Turned around and stopped in her tracks, She raised her eyebrows and stood there staring at it then looked back over her shoulder then took a few steps closer until she was right by the bed, I remember it was throbbing I was so excited and she bit her bottom lip, Grabbed her huge t!ts squeezing them together then sneaked out and closed the door. I let her catch me a couple other times but she just apologized and walked out.
2) Girlfriends mom and sister, I was dating a girl and had been invited to stay the weekend at their cabin, I had the couch so her mom and dad could make sure no funny business was going on, I had on a pair of pyjama shorts and I watched her dad leave early that morning to go fishing as was his routine so I knew he wasn't there, I heard footsteps and again sneakily had it hanging out, I think I was around 19, I peeked from under my blankets as her older sister came down the stairs and around the corner first (She would have been maybe 20), She stopped and I watched as her mom came around the corner behind her, Her mom put her hand up to block the view looking at her daughter who mouthed "WOW" and her mom elbowed her, Her mom came over, Grabbed an extra blanket off the chair and covered me up. My girlfriend told me the next week that her mom told her they had walked in on me, She laughed as I pretended to be embarrassed and said "Don't worry, They were both impressed", She said her mom sat her down and had "the talk" right there and discussed some helpful hints on how she was going to need lube.
3) Wife's college room mate, In college my wife had a room mate who I had a crush on before me and my wife even met, She was taller, Somewhere around 5'6"-5'8" or so, A bit of a thicker build but carried it perfectly, Nice legs, Nice overall body and big, Round DD's. After me and my wife met I let her see me multiple times, She walked in on me getting out of the shower once, Walked in on the wife giving me head once, I pulled the sleeping dick out trick once which she stood there biting her bottom lip then licked her lips and shook her head before walking away but the best was camping. We were camped at the lake and she showed up unexpectedly, Slept over in the camper and my wife got so drunk I nailed her with the door open and her friend laid on the couch rubbing herself under the blankets as she watched.
4) wife's mom. She is single and has been for at least 10 years before I met my wife, I have on many occasions changed where I know she could see me but been casual about it, I have let my knob hang out of shorts when half hard to let her see how long it is but the best was the weekend of our wedding, I was getting ready in our room and my wife in hers, She had forgotten whatever and sent her mom for it, Perfectly timed I had just gotten out of the shower and heard footsteps in heels coming, I looked through the peep hole and seen her mom, Bolted for the bathroom and she unlocked the door, Walked in and I came around the corner, D!ick rock hard standing at full attention and she froze, She stared right at it and then said "Whao...Holy shit" (She never swears) and turned her head away, She explained the whole reason she was there and apologized I apologized and told her I had just showered, I managed to strike up a serious conversation while standing there with a rock hard d!ck, After probably a minute she said "I'm sorry, Could you put on a towel", I looked down and said "Oh, I am so Sorry" and she said "It's fine...I just can't talk to you with...That right there", I looked down again and said "Is there something wrong with it" and she scoffed and said "No, That's not what i mean...I just..." and looked at it holding out her hand saying "I...Just...Uh, You're naked" I said "Ooohhh, Haha, Sorry, I am not normally shy about nudity" and she said "You shouldn't be, I just...I'll be honest...I have never seen one that" holding her hands up to measure size, I looked down and said "Really?, Is it...Abnormal?", She got serious and looked right at it as she said "No, That's not what I mean, I am not trying to make you self conscious I just mean...You are...Above average...WAY above average". I managed to get my wife's mom, A short, Cute, Mild mannered, Church going woman to stand there and stare at my d!ck for probably a solid ten minutes and at 25 it was nothing for it to just stay hard for an hour for no reason. She sat down and said "Has (My wife) Seen it, I mean...I know she is waiting for marriage but...Does she know?", I said "Well...I mean...Yeah, She has seen it" and her mom said "Oookay because that could be a bit of a shock if not", The last couple minutes I don't think she took her eyes off of it before she said "Well...I really have to go", She looked one last time and said "again...I am sorry" as she waved her hand at my erect!on.
I have flashed my wife's cousins, friends and one auntie and so on but nothing as fun as these ones.

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