I don’t wear maxi pads

I don’t wear maxi pads because of my period, ever since I got my gender change surgery and started hormone treatments. Now I have to buy and wear pads, because my v***** is wet all day. I work around a whole bunch of Muscular dudes (who I’m not even attracted to because even though I’m a girl I’m still straight) and I think there pheromones are messing with my mind and that’s why My v***** is wet all day



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  • Even trans who get their junk mangled don't get all the internal stuff that comes pre-loaded in a functional body. FtM can't shoot baby batter, and MtF can't get lubed up from the inside.

    Nice try, troll.

  • Change your f****** gender that's impossible

  • You think your wet now. Just wat till some man fill that new box of yours full of himself. Then come complaining your wet. Feel that s*** running back out of you for a couple hours. You know nothing about being wet honey.

  • You knew what you were doing when you had gender reassignment surgery and would have received advice from doctor's and psychologists.
    So why say "because even though I’m a girl I’m still straight" Please explain why having chosen to be a girl, you still wish to feel like a man, unless your only reason for wishing to be a woman, was a physical rather than mental desire to be feminine and that would be screwed up.

  • I think she means she wants to be a woman but doesn’t wanna suck d***... or at least not yet😏 ha ha

  • Part of being a woman is learning to swizzle the willy around in ya mouth a while. My first husband like sticking it up the ole Hershey highway. I learned to enjoy it and now prefer it than conventional intercourse.

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