Batman at the beach

Last summer I went to the beach in OC, Md. I was having an ok time. Then I met a nice woman a bit younger than me but we seemed to hit it off. I couldn't believe my good fortune cause things like this never happen to me. So anyway we laid on the beach together and caught some rays together. I asked her is she would join me at one of the many beach bars on the board walk. She said sure and so we got a few drinks. We were having such a wonderful time. We both were getting hungry so we grabbed lunch. Some fries and hot dogs nothing special.

Then she asked me if I'd like to come to her room for a drink. It was about mid afternoon and said sure why not. Once in her room we started to kiss and make out. Then she said I should get naked. Oh boy I thought stuff like this happens to others not me. I quickly removed my shirt and swim trunks. I was naked standing in front of this gorgeous beautiful younger woman. Life was good. Then she told me to lay down on the bed so I did. She said she wanted to tie me up. I thought ok maybe she wants to rob me and take my money and credit cards. I thought for a moment. I wasn't carrying much money and my cards were close to maxed out. She said it's ok baby I like kinky s**. Ok sure and I let her tie me to the bed frame with cord.

Next my sexy beautiful younger gal said I'm going to get comfortable and them join you. Oh boy I could hardly wait thinking about the things we could do with each other. Then she went into the bathroom and closed the door. Then suddenly the closet door flew open and this dude jumped out in a batman costume. I was startled but I asked who the h*** are you and where did Janie go. He said nothing as he danced around the bed before hopping on the bed and whipped out his c***. Well you can figure out what happened next I don't need to say. He did his thing with me and then quick as a flash he left. A few minutes later Janie came back out of the bathroom and she told me in a few minutes she would call the front desk and tell them where to find me. I first said no don't tell them please. But I also didn't want to stay tied naked to the bed either. As she left she picked up my clothes on her way out the door. I yelled out at her no you didn't. But she did.

About twenty minutes later the hotel manager, a handy man, and a hotel security person who was a woman came to the room. They knocked on the door. I thought about not answering but decided I had to so I answered them. They came in and cut me free of my bindings. The handy man was laughing and soon the manager and the female security person was also. The handy man grabbed me a couple towels to cover myself. The security person she asked me what happened. I was telling her about my friend Janie on the beach. Then she asked me if a man in a Batman costume jumped out from the closet. I said yes how did you know. She told me that he gets a few people every few years and they have no idea who it is. They asked if I wanted to file a police report with the OC police department. I said h*** no forget it not on your life. They put me in a hotel shuttle and gave me a ride back to my motel. It was all very embarrassing. They didn't rob me but they took something else I don't care to discuss. I'm never going back to the ocean. Next vacation I'm going to the mountains at Deep Creek lake, Md. F*** the ocean. My ass still hurts from the memory of a guy in a Batman costume.

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  • Hello if you like I will bring a batman costume and meet you at the lake for a reunion. How's about it?

  • He would probably like that. I'll come dressed up as Robin and make it a threesome.

  • So you met a woman and that led to a guy in a batman costume pounding you in a hotel room. Oh man! Oh man! I sure wouldn't tell no one dat s*** oh no. Yeah I guess you wouldn't want to go back to the f****** ocean.

  • Was he a Ding Bat ?

  • No he was a fat bat he said his ass hurt. LOL that's one crazy story. If it really happened no way am I telling anyone.

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