Hot Trucker Friend

I am in love with a hot trucker friend, Gerry. Oh my he is so sexy and hot. We met online and I have a wife. His wife died but she didn't take care of his needs. I on the other hand love taking care of his needs. Oh yes honey let me tell you. Gerry is so sexy and gives me what I need also. We love getting naked in the sleeper of his truck and then we well you know what we do I don't need to tell you. My name is Roger and I live on the west coast. Gerry stops buy when he is in my area and I met up with him. Sometimes he parks at a Walmart and then we enjoy dinner then back to his truck for some good loving, touching, fondling, and then you know. Oral lots of it. His children don't know about his life style. I wonder what they would think about us.

His father was a bit of a wild crazy man. He was a pastor who enjoyed getting naked and being with others who also liked being nude. Maybe Gerry gets that from his father. I know he has tried being with a few women but nothing last for him. Except our relationship has. I told him we should just get married after all isn't this the 21 century. Gerry please lets get married I love you and want you to be with me like other married people do. I want to take long walks with you and rest my head on your shoulder. I want you to kiss me and not be afraid you'll be discovered. Stop denying it Gerry. I'm not his first encounter. He has had several he met on Craigslist and they were not good like I am. Gerry I love you my friend and lover please lets tell the world.

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