My brother... isn’t well-endowed. How do I break the news to him?

Long story short, my brother just started playing football, and he wanted me to go to the store to get some protective gear for practice. I told him that I needed to measure his size to know whether or not to get him a small, medium, or large-sized cup. When he undressed, I saw that he was only 3 inches. I didn’t say anything about it, but he’s gonna start practicing this Friday, and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna have to start taking showers with the rest of the team. How do I prepare him for the inevitable humiliation that’ll come with having a 3-inch p**** without ruining his self-esteem? Poor guy.

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  • How old is was your brother at the time?

    My son is 13 and he wears a peewee size cup for baseball. He is very cautious that no one else sees his cup. HAHA

  • I'd poison his soda, then once he's drunk it say :"Hey bro, I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that you've just drank some deadly poison"
    Bro : "WTF !?! Wait what's the f*cking good news ?!?"
    "You won't have to live another day with a tiny d***"

  • Not your job dear sister. Stay the h*** away from his ego. Can't wait to humiliate him?

  • Lame

  • It's clear someone is manufacturing these confessions in order to make others with similar problems fell better about themselves or serve as a labyrinth to ensnare trolls to stop them doing harm elsewhere. Well, perhaps the ends justify the means.

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