I get these woodys all the time any place. It's pretty embarrassing but happens all the time. I got to the Dr. for a check up. Nurse says down to your skivvies and yes you guessed it I have a huge woody. I go to the gym to work out and I get one. Some woman will come to work out at the station in front of me and yeah I got a woody before she gets there. I get many dirty looks but it's not my fault.

Meeting my kids teachers and yeah I end up with a woody. It has happened since I was a preteen in school. Then I could at least cover with a book. Now I rarely have anything to cover my massive erection. My wife said it would be very embarrassing if we ever went to a nudist beach. I said why at least it's huge. You can hang things from it. So strong I can hang a full size bath towel from it. Plus I keep the wife pleased. But it can be embarrassing at the wrong moment which is often.

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  • It'll pass. When you're 60 you'll look back and wish

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