Slobber jobber

My name is Barry and I have a powerful urge to suck c*** all of the time. I could literally work a 40 hour work week sucking c**** non-stop. It is embarrassing! What makes it even more embarrassing is that I also love swallowing c**.

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  • LOL. Nothing like making an embarrassing confession and then having your full name revealed by your ex-girlfriend. I would say that Barry is very very very embarrassed about now. LOL.

  • It does seem that Barry has a reason to be embarrassed. Even if he should not be embarrassed because he uses other guys junk to plunger his tonsils, he should be embarrassed because his ex-girlfriend just told everyone his last name. Blush Barry Blush.

  • Wow, that is would even work a full time job giving b*******. Barry, that is a powerful craving to give some b*******. I bet it would be even more embarrassing if people knew your last name. Don't worry, I would never publicly embarrass my ex-boyfriend Barry Brigham like that.
    Wupsie, did I let that slip out?? Well it appear your last name slips out of my mouth about as quickly as another guys rock hard pole slips into yours.

  • I say that Brittany should publish his full name, address and phone number. He said he would like to suck c**** constantly.

  • OMG!!! Brittany!!! Ugghh, I could kill you. Thanks for giving my last name. You really know how to embarrass me so intensely. And please stop telling everyone that I slurp and gulp on other guys. It may be true, but it is embarrassing. Uggh, you embarrass me so much!!!

  • WTF! You may be embarrassed Barry, and you should be. But Brittany revealing your last name is hilarious. I hope she keeps telling as many people as possible about you and your embarrassing little secret. The more you blush, the funnier it is. HAHAHAHAHA!

  • I would say that it is "mission accomplished" for Brittany. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Why the embarrassment? If you like sucking c**k so much, the only problem I see is how to find that many c**ks to suck.
    If you enjoy it, I say go on with it, as long as the person is of age, I see nothing wrong with doing it, or anything to be embarrassed about.

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