I Don't Know Why I Did It!

Things started out normal but they would soon changed. I knew I was a different child. My parents knew also. But since I was a young child I acted different. Boys get in fights. I don't like fights and always avoid them. I like other boys and girls and they seemed to just not be the same. I had no friends in school and was often made fun of even at an early age in kindergarten and first grade. Boys would tease me and girls too. I didn't understand cause I looked normal enough. Although my mannerisms seemed to be more feminine. That's one of the main reasons I was teased. My walk was yes girlish.

In school I was a good student and I always completed my assignments and was a good listener and contributed to classes. I even volunteered to dust the erasers for the teacher. I loved art and language and most classes except for organized sports. I would prefer to just enjoy the outdoors. I hated gym class if we played baseball or basket ball. Anyway I knew I was not like other boys. I didn't care to go fishing or things like that although I loved camping and campfires. That was fun.

Then one day I felt like I needed to make a statement that said hey look at me. I'm a person and I demand your attention. Still don't know what drove me to do it. But I climbed on top of my desk and as the teacher was writing on the chalkboard I did it. I undid my belt and I pulled down my pants and underwear and they fell around my ankles. Then I crossed my arms and just stood there with a smile on my face. At this point the whole class had burst out in laughter and a few girls squealed and one screamed her head off.

When the teacher turned and looked I know she didn't expect to see me standing there like that. I was not scared and I felt kind of proud to just let it all hang out. But it doesn't define me. I'm a person just like you or anyone else. I have dreams and feeling, asperations and love inside me. Well the teacher she called my name and told me to get down and pull my pants up. I just ignored her and continued to strike my pose. Then after a few minutes she walked up to me my junk was right in her face. She pulled up my underwear and then my pants and helped me down.

She told the other children she was going to be right back and if she heard any sounds coming from the room she would give them a composition to write. Then she walked me to the principles office and she told him what I had done. He asked me why I did it. I just said it seemed like the thing to do at the time. My parents were called in and they had to come pick me up. It was a very quiet ride home. I was sent to my room and had super there. The thing is I was embarrassed in the least. The next day I was back in school. I was no longer treated the same way. The boys stopped teasing me. Many said I was wild and crazy and it took lots of guts to do what I did. I have thought about doing that when I'm in a meeting and no one is listening. Not sure it would get the same results though

Nov 13, 2018

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  • Lame

  • Seems like you wanted to prove urself that you have b**** and you did that but you will still be bullied afterwards , what you did was emotional outburst

  • How old were you...

  • Oh dear GOD. Get another hobby you tiresome old fool!

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