Teacher and Me!

When I was in high school we had this very sexy hot English teacher. Oh boy I couldn't wait for her class. I loved listening to her talk. I would usually stay a few minutes after and discuss books I was reading and we really hit it off. She wasn't married. Then one day she invited me to go to a book ready with her so h*** yeah I went. Then afterwards she invited me back to her apartment to see some of her books and dinner. She was a really great cook. She made me my favorite dish. Crab Imperial. Oh man was I hooked on her big time. I wanted to kiss her but was scared so I didn't.

Then the following year I graduated from high school and off to college. We kept in touch and I often thought of her. I came back to home coming the last year I was in college and she and I picked up were we had left off. This time after having lunch I kissed her. We ended up making out and found our way back to her place. We made love for a couple hours. I couldn't wait to see her and she came to my graduation party and I introduced her to my parents and siblings. You should have seen the looks on my parents faces when I told them she had been my 11th grade English teacher.

It's all good though. We have been married for seven years now and have two children a boy and a girl. So your dreams can come true. Oh and not all teacher student relationships have to end poorly. Ours didn't. I'm so glad I have her and we love each other so much. Once our children are in school full time she will join me teaching again. Yes I'm a teacher. I teach History and look like a young Harrison Ford.

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  • Were you f*****' the Teacher ?

  • We DPED step mum wen was school teacher dirty s*** both holes

  • So did we double penetrated gym teacher miss atkins

  • Meanwhile, back in the real world....

  • …...LOL!

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