Dad put that nasty teacher in her place!

I come from a reform Jewish (most liberal) family. Reform Jews don't believe in h*** or an afterlife. The focus is on a person's actions in life now. I attended public school. I was 9 years old, in 4th grade. My teacher got upset because I did some little kid thing, like whisper to the girl sitting next to me. Teacher kept me after class. She started talking to me about sins. And how people who commit sins go to h***. I was shocked and offended. I never heard talk like that before. I didn't like the teacher. She was mean. I went home and told my dad about it. He was so angry. The next day he went to school with me. He told that teacher,"You better never talk that way to my daughter again!" I was so proud of my dad. I never had any trouble from my teacher after that.

Aug 25, 2016

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  • She crossed a line, but it wasn't so egregious that you had to go running to Daddy. F****** snowflakes like you just ache for any excuse to be offended and create a scene over your hurt little fee fees. Wait until you've been in the real world for a while, where people are even meaner and no one gives a s***.

  • Perhaps you should have attended a school which shared your religious beliefs, instead of expecting them to adhere to yours.

  • Ur dad was wrong the teacher should hav caned ur ass

  • With a cane

  • Someone should knock ur teeth out

  • Hah she's lucky she didn't get fired

  • Lol if it was my father,"he would've more diabolical" my father,wasn't the sort of person,anyone would mess with! :)


  • Thank daddy suck his c***

  • Eat s***.

  • You better be glad you never met Miss Borders. That holy Roller b**** would drop everything and preach the gospel in the middle of a classroom session.

  • She should be in jail for that s*** little brain washing mother f******

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