Desires that I should not have

I have a strong physical and sexual attraction to one of my friend's dogs. For some reason her sleek form just sets my mind buzzing like if I was looking at someone I found really attractive. It's honestly pretty disturbing to myself.

I never have had any sort of sexual contact with an animal and nor will I since not only is it illegal but it is also unethical since animals can't give consent the same way a human can.

I have had these feelings for my friend's dog for a while now, but I have actively avoided going to his house because of them, they make me feel distinctly uncomfortable when with other people and his dog, I feel ashamed and kind of disgusted with myself. I've never felt like this about another animal.

I want to tell someone professional who can help me work through these feelings, but I don't want to be locked in a mental institute, which I feel is a very real possibility.


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    would love to talk about it

  • So many of us have urges and temptations and most times it's best to not go down the path of them.

  • Why ? What are you, a f*cking priest / nun ? There is one absolute truth in life and that is when you are old and weak, you won't be regretting the things you did in life, but rather the things you didn't do.

  • Good point. I am often tempted to run down stupid people, maybe backing over them a couple of times to make sure they're good and pulverized. I need to get on that-- I'd hate to be on my deathbed wrestling with regrets around not going through with a temporary strong feeling!

  • Are you male or female?
    If female there are a few steps you could try. One is to borrow the dog and go home. Play with the dog while you are naked. It can get the dog into a sexual mood which can start of with licking then hopefully into a good f******

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