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My mom had two oops's, One at 20 and one at 42, Needless to say my sister and I are worlds apart, She is 41 and I am 19. I love my sister but for the past 6 years her and her husband have not been doing well and I blame her, I overheard a conversation between them from her husbands side arguing about how it had been over 4 months since they had sex and he said it is normal to have sex 2-3 times a year in the last 5 years.
A year ago They had won a trip for 4 and it ended up being Me and mom who were invited to go with them, Of course we instantly said yes, I can't say where we were but it was a tropical location so everyone was in bikinis and swimwear, There was lots of day drinking and I can't count how many times I watched her husband who always treats her like gold hint at going up to the room and she shut it down every time right in front of everyone and I started to feel sorry for him. I had caught him peeking at me once in a while in my bikini and not to brag but I look good, Every since I was like 13 I have had bigger boobs than my sister or my mom, Must be from my dads side and since having kids my sisters body is, Well, A mom bod, Still decent but not great.
We had adjoining, Corner rooms but we were all on their balcony because we couldn't see the poolside entertainment from ours, Mom checked out and went to bed first, My sisters husband next and My sister shortly after and it was just me left on the balcony, I know he had been sleeping on the couch since every morning there were blankets on it but he was sitting up passed out with soccer on in a language he doesn't even know, My sister was around the corner in the bed and the patio doors were wide open. I stood there looking at him still in his baggy board shorts and tank top, I went and looked in our room, Mom was asleep, I went and peeked at my sister and she was snoring.
I went back and stood in front of him then decided to go for it, Maybe the booze helped with that decision but anyway I sat on my knees on the floor in front of him and slid one hand up his shin, across his knee and into the leg of his shorts, and instantly found his wiener, It was soft but I started squeezing and rubbing it and it got hard, I undid his shorts and pulled them down as far as I could then stroked him, He is bigger than I expected, Longer and thicker too. I was a bit surprised at how fast it got hard, I stood up and untied my top, Took my nipple between my finger and thumb and just like I had watched my sister do with the kids when they were babies i worked it on his lips until his mouth opened and slid it right in, He sat there hard as a rock sucking my nipple while I brushed my finger tips up and down the length of his cock.
I still don't know if he was awake yet or not but he hadn't touched me but was sucking my nipple just gently, I slowly pulled it out of his mouth, Knelt down and started sucking him, He started breathing heavy and his cock was twitching then he reached down, Cupped my boob with one hand, Pushed my head down with the other and came, I did my first of many swallows and I think I did pretty good, When he finished twitching and coming I looked up at him, He looked down at me and I smiled, Leaned in and sucked him until he was hard again then straddled his lap and sat down on it, He was more than I could handle for very long and I didn't get him all the way in like I do now but I did pretty good riding him as he sucked my boobs.
We were being as quiet as two people can be doing that and I started to feel a twinge then my legs went stiff and my left one started to shake, He pulled me close and started shoving into me as hard as he could, I still laugh when I think about how I tried to stifle my noises as he shoved into me and I grunted everytime, I came and it was a flood, I thought he had broke me but I let him lay me down and he just stroked in and out of me twitching his hips. I didn't realize at first that he had came also but when I did realize it I pushed him out of me, Needless to say I was scared but nothing came of it, Anyway he looked at me and I laid there under him and Whispered "I hope you feel better, I have been watching you get shut down for days and you deserved that", He looked at me and said "Thanks".
He tip toed to the bathroom and got me a towel so I sat there with my legs spread in front of him as I wiped myself clean, He was sitting watching me and I looked down then up at him, Stood up and squished my boobs in his face then whispered "You can have that whenever you want" and got dressed. Two more days there he caught me in the room every chance he had and I think he nailed me 5 times in two days, After we got home I waited until I knew my sister was at work and went over to nail him, I told him he was still welcome to when ever he wants and for just over a year he has been hammering me usually once sometimes twice a week and their marriage is so much better now that she thinks he finally lost his sex drive and she only has to give it up 4 times a year at most.

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