Anniversary gift

My husband and I are members of a church and major parts of it but he revealed that he has a fantasy of watching me with other men or in a p*** film.
I’ve been tempted to reach other to people and see if I can make a video for him for an anniversary gift and can’t tell if I’m a bad wife or a good one for wanting to be objectified and dominated and talked dirty to on film for all for his enjoyment.

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  • Although your desire to please his fantasy seems very hot, you might be Tempting your fate when you wish to reveal your s** on tape.
    I think it’s pretty cool that your fine with the idea. Wish you luck

  • My husband asked me for several years to f*** another guy. At first I was angry thinking he no longer loved me. Then i was confused not knowing why he wanted that. Then one night I asked him why and he told me it was because he wanted to see his best girl in a p*** film. A month later i arranged to have s** with a guy i went to high school with. I scheduled the time on my husband's Birthday and booked a hotel room. When the night arrived i gave my husband the best show he could have ever asked for and he loved it. Now i have s** with my old high school friend once a month as my husband sits in the corner and just watches. Our s** life is now better and i only wish I would have said yes when he first ask me.

  • I have asked my wife for years. She had texted an old bf and even sent him nudes. But he lives far away. When we have s** I make her scream out his name and she gets so wet.

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