Miniskirt and no knickers

Hi all, my name is Nick and I love to wear mini skirts and no underwear. I was born a boy but have crossed dressed all my life and pass as a woman when I am out. I’m pretty good looking as a woman and have long slender sexy legs. I love to wear miniskirts and don’t like wearing knickers - I love the light feeling and sense of fun and it’s nice having this little secret. I have a fantasy about a guy filming and upskirting me as I am out and about in London and then posting the video online. I get so hot when I’m out thinking someone might film me but I’ve never known if someone has done it or how I could arrange for it to happen? Nx

Apr 19

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  • Hi again - I’m planning a day trip in London very soon and I will wear a miniskirt or minidress and no knickers all day. I do try to be careful so people won’t see anything other than my naked ass or maybe up the front when sitting but I hide my male parts so no one sees those and I actually have a micro p**** anyway so people wouldn’t see much especially from a distance anyway. Still not sure how to get someone to film up my skirt though to see my smooth naked ass - like when I am walking up some stairs or a tube escalator and my skirt blows up behind me? But still dream about making some guy very happy 😘Nx

  • Have gone home without my pretty frills but that's because some boy's gotta have a souvenir to show off they've been there....high-school boy's are such creeps sometimes.

  • I'm a boy, Jamie and have been wearing short mini sundresses since 5th grade. I'm in high-school, finishing my first year and No Way am I not gonna wear panties in any way whatsoever! That would be way embarrassing because I know boy's are are checking out my girl's underpants like really!

  • Neil Gooch. Probably a bot or something. A real spoof of the Last Englishman.

  • And how do you stop your c*** and b**** from showing?

  • You're a naughty sexy boy darling!!

  • I know!! I do feel a bit naughty and sexy too! Am planning to be in London again soon ;) Nx

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