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My fiance wants to give my mother in law a copy of our favorite film that isn't very well know. He shares almost everything with her and she is creepily over protective over him. When he said he wanted to give her our favorite film, I just felt so jealous. Like there's nothing he and I have together besides s** that she doesn't know about or isn't invovled with. Am I just being overly protective? I mean it gets close to Norman Bates level sometimes...

Jul 17, 2012

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  • I know at first you think "oh if he treats his mother this good he will be a wonderful husband" but thats not always the case its not you hes going to suddenly turn all his love and affection on a Mommy's boy will always be a mommy's boy my biggest adivce would be to get him to move as far away as u can get him from his mother so he can build a life with you outside this bubble. Its not healthy for him or his mother to be in this affair. Give him children when the time is right show him what a fathers love can do. I wish you all the best and if nothing works theres really nothing else u can do but break up and i hope that doesnt happen xoxo

  • Does he share personal details about you and your relationship with him? Does your future MIL interfere with the planning of your wedding? The movie itsself isn't really a big of a deal, but there is a bigger principle there.

    Suggestion: You and your fiance should get into couples counseling immediately. It would be good to bring this up NOW, before the wedding and before kids to figure this out now. It's not about choosing his mother over you, or you over his mom..but he needs to realize that boundaries need to be set up and clear. And that he knows that when an argument arises, he doesn't run to mommy and that you and he work things out, keep things between the two of you.

    Have you also tried to make friends with his mom? or has she reached out to you? Work this stuff out before you get married and have kids, this won't go away. It will most likely just get worse, if it's not addressed now.

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