I'm tired of these kids

So I'm in 8th grade right. I've been in the same school for about 4 years. With the same damn kids. Now it wouldn't be so bad if they were actually decent f****** kids. But no they gotta be ratchet, fake, and ugly. They irritate my soul and make me soooo ready to graduate. I f*** I gay these b******, they can suck my b**** can suck my b**** and die in h***.

Sorry if this isnt a coherent thought I just needed to get this off my chest.

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  • I will suck your c***

  • You need a smacked a***.

  • Really. You are in grade 8? Really?

  • The best part is that even though you will all get older and grow up, the way your classmates are RIGHT NOW will remain the same their entire sad, sorry lives. They will always be petty and hostile to everyone outside their little group-- adults are just better at hiding that crap under layers of socially acceptable facades. So you'd better get used to all the ratchet ugliness. Isn't life great?

  • Guess you won't be attending any class re-unions in the future then. 😢

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