Kissing cousins

So, For Christmas this year mom and dad have apparently decided to make different plans that what they had two years ago which turned out great for me which is what I wanted to confess about.
My parents and I go to my grandparents on my moms side and then my dads side alternating years every year for Christmas, Two years ago was moms side and ended up being a crazy Christmas and some of it I didn't even know about until after but, Here goes.
We went to my grandparents and my moms sister and her family had originally said they couldn't make it so we had planned to stay at their place, My moms sister and family surprised everyone and that was where things got a bit crazy, Although everyone was happy they were able to change plans and come to Christmas that put us in a bit of a tight spot for bedrooms, Mom tried to get a hotel room but being a smaller place everything was booked up. Everyone kind of made up a plan which ended with my grandparents in their room, Mom and dad in moms old room, My auntie and uncle in her old room, Their twins in the spare room upstairs and my cousin Nicole in the spare room downstairs with me on the couch downstairs.
I hadn't stayed in contact with Nicole since the last time I seen her but we were only 14 the Christmas we spent together before that and aside from our parents getting together the odd time over that span I really hadn't had any contact with them or her especially but when they arrived I definitely noticed that she had, Lets say, Blossomed. Nicole was always a pretty girl but she had filled out big time, Her mom is a total cougar and she looks 100% like her mom. Shorter than me by a couple inches, Super cute (Yeah, Yeah I know...My cousin) but she is totally cute, Dark curly hair, About 20 freckles across the bridge of her nose and without any makeup she had a perfect complexion, I remember looking at her bu++ and it was perfect, Round and firm, Not big but not tiny, She is not a skinny girl but not a big girl either just kind of in the middle and her b00bs had exploded, They were absolutely huge, All the girls in moms family are busty but even at that age I think she had them all beat.
Anyway the first night was what set everything off, I went and curled up on the downstairs couch and a little while later Nicole walked past and went into the bedroom, I was laying there and I don't know if she thought I was asleep or if she thought I wouldn't be able to hear but after a few minutes I heard little sounds coming from her room, Being a teenage boy who hadn't really been with a girl yet I know it is wrong but I couldn't resist and with my face pressed up against the door jamb there was just enough of a gap left by my grandpa's minimal carpentry skills that I was able to see through, I could see her feet and legs up to about her knees but as much as I tried I couldn't get a better angle, She had her pj's piled up around her ankles and I could hear heavy breathing and the odd little gasp or moan.
Finally after a minute or two she quickly sat up, fought with her pants finally getting them off and tossed them on the floor, She whipped off her top and I was able to get a two or three second flash of her one b00b, When I say they are huge, I mean frickin huge, She jiggled and wiggled as she got comfortable and now I could see from her hips down but she was laying pretty much completely sideways to where I was so all I could see was her knees going up and down and her hand rubbing between her legs, I could hear how wet she was and she moaned and breathed heavy as quiet as she could while she lifted her hips and her legs shook a little bit. She laid down and I could see she had a little tuft of hair on her pu$$y but that's really all I could see, I probably could have watched more but when she sat up I bolted for the couch and pretended to be asleep thinking she would come out of the room which she never did.
Next morning I was laying on the couch pitching a tent as I thought about the night before, I had pulled my c0ck out the front of my pj shorts and was having a...Moment when I heard sounds from the bedroom, I couldn't decide what to do and I already knew I was...Above average so being I had gotten some surprised reactions from a couple girls already I decided to see what hers would be, I left it out and kicked the covers back, I waited with my heart racing and tried to look as casual and asleep as possible, I waited for what felt like and eternity and then her door opened, She stepped out looking down then looked up and then over at me, She stopped in her tracks and her eyes got wide, She pulled her head back and tilted it to the side.
My heart was racing and she was obviously surprised at what she was seeing, she looked around and took a step closer leaning in and having a good look, My view was blurry through my squinted eyes but even so I could see that under her grey pj top her n!pples were solid as diamonds and could cut glass or take an eye out, I watched a she bit her bottom lip and if it was even possible that made her look even hotter, She grabbed her b00bs and squeezed them together then looked around and as she turned her head away from me I stretched and opened my eyes, I looked right at her as she locked eyes with me and she had a total look of panic realizing she was busted, I looked down and quickly tucked it in then whispered "Hey".
She bolted for the bathroom and I went upstairs once I was able to do it without a flagpole in my shorts, She came up after and was still in her pj's, She was blushing and I kept peeking at her every chance I got, As she sat there eating her b00bs wiggled under her top and her n!pples were hard, I went downstairs and showered then sat on the couch playing on my phone, Nicole came down and awkwardly apologized, She was so embarrassed and I thought she was going to cry so I told her it was ok and she sat down and we talked then she said "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare but...Your...D!ck is huge".
I cleared my throat and said "Uh...thanks...I guess", She looked around again and her n!pples were hard as rock again as she said "Can I see it again", My eyes got huge, I was actually surprised and stared at her, My mind was spinning but no thoughts were happening and finally I looked around, Unzipped my pants and pulled them down, I had a tent in my boxers and she looked at it biting her bottom lip which is totally my weakness now, I reached in and pulled it out. Nicole covered her mouth as I sat back and she giggled under her hand, She looked at me then at my c0ck and whispered "Holy crap", I blurted out "Touch it" and she looked at me, I whispered "Uh...I mean, If you want to" and that was where things went wrong...So wrong.
Within minutes she was stroking it breathing heavy and I was grabbing one of her giant b00bs through her shirt, I don't care anymore and I'll admit that I couldn't control myself and only lasted a minute or two and shot my load straight up in the air landing in her lap as she whispered "Oh fuc*, Oh fuc*" and being neither of us had any idea what to do she just kept going. I shot a second load which landed on my stomach and then had to grab her hand to get her to stop, At the time I was embarrassed and so was she but after cleaning up and avoiding being alone all day it was again bedtime.
I was laying on the couch and heard "Psst", I looked up and Nicole whispered "Wanna see my b00bs?", I looked around and nodded, Next thing I knew I was standing in front of her holding the biggest, Firmest, Most beautiful, Most perfect b00bs I will probably ever have the pleasure of feeling. After a few minutes of groping she pulled down my shorts and we groped each other before she offered me more. We spent the next 4 days and nights getting each other off and teaching each other things about ourselves. there was NO penetration other than fingers, Just rubbing, Licking groping and sucking and by the end of the week my ball$ were so sore I could honestly barley walk normal.
Nicole had stated that her b00bs were bigger than her moms and even though I was quite sure she was right i played dumb, I said "yeah right" and after defending herself I dropped it at that, I didn't think about it until the next night when she was teaching me about "Edging" and asked if I believed her, I just laughed and she finished me but then as I lay behind her she pulled out her phone and showed me a video, She was sitting on the edge of her moms bed talking and pretending to play on her phone, Her mom was just in a towel and she sneakily taped as she changed, My auntie is a cougar and as I came to see she has a rock star body, Big boobs and a great bu++, As she turned to face Nicole I could see she was shaved bald and whispered "Your moms pu$$y is bald" and she giggled saying "Yeah", I started to get hard and Nicole looked at me, Squinted and whispered "You like?", I nodded and she handed me the phone, Leaned in and started sucking me while I watched the video on repeat, that was the one and only time she swallowed and was NOT happy about it but I grabbed the sides of her head and held her there as she groaned unhappily and I came so hard in her mouth but she swallowed and aside from a little slap on the leg I never even got in trouble.
We would give each other oral lessons then she would lay back, Legs spread and hold my c0ck against her cl!t as I stroked back and forth and blew loads up her stomach and chest over and over then let me explore her body until I was hard again, There were a lot of first experiences that week but every girl I have been with since has Nicole to thank and her boyfriends have me to thank for her realizing that she enjoys a finger in the bum, Even though I have never been with a girl as perfectly built as her the search continues and probably will forever.

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