Tired of being tired.

It's been 10yrs of the lies & deceptions. I'm 10yrs senior to my wife. We have an incredible 12yo son. I loathe my sd18, bio-donor & the people who adopted my wife. It's been drama since day 2! On day 3 I told them I wasn't tolerating strife & haven't. I refuse to participate in dysfunction.
My issue sd18 (who assumes her friends life's as her responsibility) was supposed to move out after her 18th bday. Her decision & I didn't discourage it. Of course that didn't happen. Deadbeat dad pulled another excuse marathon. Sd moved to his house for 10mths & begged to come back. Unfortunately I caved. Before sd left it was lies, drugs, manipulations at home & school. Sd is on repeat but with alcohol & s**. Typical teenage stuff which I'm like if you do it know the consequences & stop lying or down playing it'll never happen to me yada, yada! Tension is so thick we're choking on negative reality.
My wife of 14yrs won't discuss the topic(s). I'm addicted to our chemistry so straying isn't an option but it's taking it's toll. Our son is demanding his sister to keep her word. He doesn't trust her lies & refuses to be left alone with his sister. Just venting to if you have a suggestion please feel free to respond.


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  • Just enjoy sniffing her dirty panties straight after she's taken them off in the bathroom

  • Just f*** her

  • You will never get rid of her until she hooks up with a guy that will provide what you are for her. Housing, food ect. Free loading kids are now a huge plague among us. I was a firm dad that didn't take jack from any kid so I didn't have many issues at all. I sure wouldn't let life be easy or pleasant for her in your own house. You either learn to adapt and endure her presence or you kick her worthless self out.

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