Might be a divorce

My wife and I are in the middle of a problem, Actually a huge problem that everyone thinks is my fault, I disagree. A little while ago while hot tubbing with her sister, her sisters friend and another couple we know everyone got a bit twisted, Ok trashed and I...Uh...Stuck it in her sister.
Now here is my version of the story, We are all hot tubbing, The other couple leaves first, then her sisters friend leaving just the three of us, My wife gets out of the hot tub and pukes on the lawn then stumbles inside, I see the bathroom light come on through the window and then the door closes, I had been making some comments about my wife twerking for me and when me and my wife's sister went inside she was in front of me in a bathing suit and I made a comment about her having a perfect twerking bum.
I went in and changed, So did she and when I went to the kitchen for a glass of water she was making a bed on the couch, She made a comment about twerking and put one knee on the couch shaking her bum and looking back at me. She had on a pair of shorts that didn't leave much to the imagination and I don't even know why but I walked right up behind her, Whipped down my shorts, Grabbed hers by the one leg and pulled them back and to the side, She went "Whoa" and before she could say anything I shoved it in her, She grunted and clenched her thighs but I just shoved it all the way in, She buried her head in the couch as I shoved her forward then pulled back and shoved it in twice more.
She was not at all being quiet and I don't know if my wife heard or not but she was puking so I doubt it, She reached back pushing me away and spun around sitting on the couch holding her p**** saying "What he f***, What the f***" I stepped up in front of her and she looked up at me in shock and I rubbed my tip across her lips, She grabbed my shaft and looked at me saying "What the f***...Why did you do that?", I looked down at her holding my d*** and said "Because you wanted me to", She shook her head and said "No, No, I didn't want you to"just then my wife walked in on us and the situation looked bad, Her little sister sitting in front of me on the couch, Me standing in front of her with her holding my d*** and me trying to get it closer to her mouth.
I almost s*** my pants when my wife said "You two can go f*** yourselves" and went into the bedroom slamming the door and locking it, Her sister knocked on the door for a while trying to get her to open it before coming back to the living room, I was sitting back with my c*** out and she stopped, Sighed and put her head down then sat bedside me and said "Don't you think that has gotten us in enough trouble?", I stood up in front of her and wiped it across her face saying "Well...We are already in trouble, She grabbed my shaft, Stroked it a couple times, Looked at it and then up at me and said "No, Go the f*** to bed".
The next morning my wife walked out of our room with a suitcase in hand, Looked at me, Looked at her sister and said "Don't f*** in my bed, Just pack your s*** and get the f*** out", Obviously I didn't but she walked out and I was left there with her sister, As I watched her car drive away I turned to look at her sister and said "Well...She already thinks we did" and pulled my shorts down right in front of her face again, She looked at me and squinted saying "What the f*** is wrong with you" and got dressed then left.
Apparently she went to her moms and talked to my wife completely throwing me under the bus and now my wife and her sister are blaming me for taking advantage of her sister who as I remember didn't put up too big of a fuss but I guess we will see if we can work it out.

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  • I don't see what your wife's problem is!
    You didn't do anything wrong! And as for the SIL go round and finish what you started, after tell your wife that it's over when you say it is, and if you want to tell both of them that you will be having them both from now on! And her sister will have to move in!
    Still don't see what you did wrong??

  • WTF? He didn't do anything wrong?! Are you kidding me ? Dropping trow waving his pee pee in her face and poking it in her wasn't wrong? SLI has to own the teasing and he has to own what he did.

  • His wife knew what she was doing! Leaving them and and being sick, as for the sister she wanted it! And only stopped because of guilt.
    His wife is being selfish and petty! She should stop being childish!
    She has also made her sister feel bad and as away of amends let them both have some time together (s*X).
    Tell them both mate! Your not excepting it! And they will both have to see it from you prospective!

  • No matter where I am at. Work or wherever. If I see a hot woman I will get close to her and then accidentally rub up against her butt or her b****. Then right after I do it I will keep apologizing for accidentally bumping into her. I will say something to the effect of oh my goodness I am so sorry I did not see you standing there. Then I will put my hand on her shoulder and repeat how sorry I am or how bad I feel. Sometimes I follow up with asking to buy her a coffee to make up for it. You would not believe how many women I have gotten into bed doing this. I am guessing it is probably because at first they are so mad but before they can say anything I am already apologizing. Then they feel bad for being mad and end up in bed with me to make up for being mad at me. But who knows why it works. I just know it does.

  • Stop reading the bullshit stories on here, and you wouldn't have that problem. You can't read half the bullshit stories on here and other sites and then think they are real. Because as you just found out, they are not really, you didn't get to f*** your SIL, and now your wife is going to leave you. Not saying s*** like this doesn't happen, but if it does, it's because the women wanted it to. Women control EVERYTHING. remember that.

  • My wife's sister came over one day and I wanted to bang her cause she looked hot in tiny shorts and her tight pyjamas shirt but all I did was touch her ass and apologized saying I thought she was my wife. You deserve this for trying to bang her 3 times after what happened

  • Bad move man. I don’t know if you can salvage the relationship . Her sister probably told her everything you said to her like ‘well, she already thinks we did’ kinda just shows that you didn’t feel sorry for it.

    I’ve done the same thing and didn’t get as far, so no judgment here. Thinking with the head of our c*** is a dangerous thing though

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