The young woman that lives two down

Her name is Robyn and I was sitting alone one day when I got the most unexpected visit from her. I let her in and for some reason she looked at me like she wanted something. I didn't know what that something would be until after a few minutes of talking she asked to see my bedroom and I said yeah okay and we went into the bedroom and she sat on the bed and she kept looking at me and smiling. After almost another hour she finally said you know there's something I haven't had in a while and I thought I knew what she meant but I played like I didn't and asked what is it and she said oh you know let's not play games you know why I'm here and I played like I didn't and she said after another few minutes make love to me I knew she wasn't a virgin but I didn't care so I waited another minute and she said I wasn't going to ask you again now do me and she looked like she was getting frustrated with me and she said f***** me and I said to her I don't think you could handle such a hard f***** and she said in a frustrated tone f***** me and she stood up and took one step toward me and grabbed me and threw mе down on the bed and said I told you you're going to f***** f*** mе. She unzipped my jeans and pulled out my erection and she sat on me and said again you're going to f***** f*** mе right now. She slowly began riding mе for an hour and she stopped and got off of me and said that wasn't so bad you're going to f*** mе again tomorrow she got off of the bed and I layed there and I raised my head up to see her red skirt and red shirt she looked at me and said same time tomorrow and I said okay

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  • Paskiaine why don't you eat horseshit? You paskiainen

  • What horseshit 😅

  • In your dreams pal..!

  • She knows the guy, it was was consentual.I know 'cause he told me.
    i asked her and she said it was okay.
    i know the guy comments.

  • Her ass is so hot that when she sits in
    the snow it melts all around her.

  • In all our dreams

  • P.A.S.A.

  • P.A.S.A.W

  • P.A.S.A.W.

  • She's an S.A.W.(sexually aggressive woman)

  • P.A.W.(physically abled woman)

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