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I have an amazing nice blonde 111yr daughter and she walks around regularly in just underware and bra or naked and she just got her first period two weeks ago and all any way she has been asking me and wanting me to touch her and she said she wants me to teach her and be her first and wants to get good at all of it so she can be perfect for her boyfriend after she graduates school she said. I know itw wrong and very wrong but i do get aroused at tht thought of it she said it would be our daughter daddy secret i told jer no and y its wrong butshe said she doesnt care she still wants to and she said plz dont tell mom or anyone so I havent yet i kinda want to but not sure wht do i do

Dec 2, 2018

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  • Yeah dont do it. Seek therapeutic help. Dont be ashamed for thinking of it. But thinking and acting are two entirely different things. Your sick if you do it

  • Our daughter is 12 and in puberty which is causing her to wet the bed at night.The wife has her wear cloth diapers and plasticpants to bed and sometimes puts them on her early.The daughter just wears a tee shirt and the diapers and plastic pants and makes no effort to cover them up! She gets up on my lap while i am watching tv and i get an erection!

  • Do it, p****

  • I say once they are 8 if she wants it it , no abuse, no force it isn't rape I say f*** her or let me

  • If you can trust her to keep the secret, I say to for it. Train her well, and f*** her every chance you get.

  • Your daughter is 111 years old?, That's amazing.

  • My advice bro is to take adv antage and teach her well

  • My advice take advantage bro

  • My advice take advantage of the opprtunity

  • Paedo Alert! Paedo Alert!

    Ok. This is simple. Kill yourself. NOW

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  • I wish that happened to me

  • Never too late. Just let "Daddy" Know when. Age?

  • Its happening to me.

  • Please, do tell more!

  • 111 year old daughter???!!! Typo! Also, don't have relations with your daughter. You'll both regret it.

  • My daughter and me never have for a moment, regretted it.

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  • 111 years old. Dang, you have to blow out the cobwebs before you dive in

  • Nice. ha

  • At least with you. She will be treated right make love to her and teach her "you both want to"

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