Really embarrassing but..

This is embarrassing.. but I'm turned on by imagining I'm pregnant.. I wanna get giant, with triplets.. I want to wear tight shirts and struggle to pull them on in the morning, over my big belly.. I want my belly so big that people always stop me to ask if they can rub it and I can barely sit down and people tell me I look like I'm gonna pop any minute. I wanna feel like a big balloon, wobbling when I walk..

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  • How about getting fat first? Or just getting fat, period. My wife is fat, mostly in a belly that sticks out kinda like a preggo belly, and often gets asked how far along she is. She loves it, and gets to eat as much as she wants.

  • My girlfriend is into wearing her fake pregnancy belly she has a 9 month pregnant twin set belly she gets any seat she wants and she likes it because she can get off in public claiming its the hormones that are making her do it and she gets away with it. - anonymous

  • Doesn't your wife think you're weird?

  • I'm a girl

  • U can still get married to a woman if ur female lol did u not know this

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