I had s** with my stepbrother . It was my 13 birthday and we had feelings for eachother and were messing around for a long time . My brothers friends were over and so was my whole family . Me and my stepbrother went to go “talk”in my room but than he kissed me . And than we cuddled and later we had s** .
( WE BOTH LOST OUR VIRGINITY TO EACHOTHER ) we did it 2 times that day . But recently he came over (parents are now divorced not bc of us bc it didn’t work out ) now I’m 15 and he came over and we talked about the whole situation and everything which felt amazing ! We both said how we felt and everything . And than when we hugged he put his hand on my head and rubbed it and we just held eachother for a while than whispered in my ear and told me he loved me . Now idk what to do ?

Dec 10, 2018

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  • I don't know about the op but my lover is 12 and we have done loads

  • Is her c*** still hairless?

  • Love underage p****

  • Thats hot, how old are you

  • In my 30's

  • You said you had been messing around for a long time
    what else had you done? what ages did you start ?

  • Everything I know her family so we have been doing stuff for awhile, I started when she was a baby and my wife babysat

  • What do you mean you don't know what to do. He was never blood relation to you and once your parents divorced he became no relation at all. You two are free to do what you want now.

  • If u still have feelings for him

  • Get back together

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