I ate my bestfriend out

Im a teenage girl and I have a bestfriend. well ex bestfriend, I think she's sooo pretty and we knew eachother for a long time. she has a boyfriend and I have a boyfriend but me and her experienced before. touching, kissing, sucking, **.....baby steps' but just the other day, she kissed me and kissed me again out of no where and we ended up doing freaky **. I ate her out & it was ok.. kind of exciting.. she was enjoying it, telling me she's bout to catch **.. lol I like the thrill of all of it but idk WHAT SHOULD I DO! she has a bf and I have one too but we have feelings towards eachother we cant seem to let go... I don't really call it cheating on my bf bcuz im with another girl but I know its wrong but I don't wanna hurt him. I love him. and I love her too. but I don't wanna risk my relationship with him for her bcuz my bf is everything....

Next Confession

I still love my ex GF

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  • Have a foursome

  • Ew. No lol this was like 2 years ago. I'm over it

  • How is it not cheating? You're having ** with someone other than your boyfriend. That's basically the definition of cheating. If you love them both tell him you're having ** with her.

  • Yeah that's true I'm a boy and that ** ** to have your girl freind ** some other person. It's like smearing ** on a welcome mat and using it as a Christmas card.

  • Keep eating your friend out thats so ** i wish i could watch!!!!

  • I'm pretty sure your BF won't mind... Guys don't feel threatened by other girls, so I'm sure he would be okay with it.
    P.S. I fapped while reading this.

  • Tell your b/f what you did I bet he would love to join and watch .
    Most guys like that !
    f you can't be honest with him then you need let him go .

  • Cheating is Cheating.

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