I ate my bestfriend out

Im a teenage girl and I have a bestfriend. well ex bestfriend, I think she's sooo pretty and we knew eachother for a long time. she has a boyfriend and I have a boyfriend but me and her experienced before. touching, kissing, sucking, fingering.....baby steps' but just the other day, she kissed me and kissed me again out of no where and we ended up doing freaky s***. I ate her out & it was ok.. kind of exciting.. she was enjoying it, telling me she's bout to catch o******.. lol I like the thrill of all of it but idk WHAT SHOULD I DO! she has a bf and I have one too but we have feelings towards eachother we cant seem to let go... I don't really call it cheating on my bf bcuz im with another girl but I know its wrong but I don't wanna hurt him. I love him. and I love her too. but I don't wanna risk my relationship with him for her bcuz my bf is everything....

Jul 21, 2014

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  • Have a foursome

  • Ew. No lol this was like 2 years ago. I'm over it

  • How is it not cheating? You're having s** with someone other than your boyfriend. That's basically the definition of cheating. If you love them both tell him you're having s** with her.

  • Yeah that's true I'm a boy and that f****** sucks to have your girl freind f****** some other person. It's like smearing s*** on a welcome mat and using it as a Christmas card.

  • Keep eating your friend out thats so sexy i wish i could watch!!!!

  • I'm pretty sure your BF won't mind... Guys don't feel threatened by other girls, so I'm sure he would be okay with it.
    P.S. I fapped while reading this.

  • Tell your b/f what you did I bet he would love to join and watch .
    Most guys like that !
    f you can't be honest with him then you need let him go .

  • Cheating is Cheating.

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