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Religious people are the worst!!! they only care about what OTHERS will see, and do whatever the f*** they want when no one's looking, no matter how wrong or inmoral it is.

I had a crush on a boy, we're both jewish, but he's an orthodox, religious jew. Now can you please explain to me why is it that I can't give you a kiss on the cheek or even shake your hand, and here you are, wanting to make our conversations "more interesting", asking me about my s** life, saying you respect my "no s** before marriage" views but you don't share them, telling me you have a "normal s** life" (?!) I'm not jealous or anything, just disapointed. I though for once I had found someone who shred my views, but turns out you're just another j******, a j****** whose hand I'm not allowed to touch, but would be totally ok with me f****** him.

(sorry for the rant, ArgueRant is down)

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  • Your confusion stems from the vast amount of bullshit that you have been indoctrinated with since birth. Once you figure out that religion is just another lie, you will be free!

  • Stop it with the hippie nonsense. Just because your too lazy to be invested in a relationship with god. How can you possibly believe all this just happened or that we have no purpose. If you don't have a religion then your life has no purpose and you won't be free but bound by unknowingness. When you have religion then you have purpose and your can be free knowing you are immortal and your soul will continue to live on in heaven. It angers me to see you call religion a lie, for the acts of athiesm and all alike are those of foolishness and arrogance.

  • You're too lazy to doubt what you think is real. Doubt is the toughest thing to do, but once you start to doubt the world opens up like you've never thought before.

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