Family Fetish

Please respond and help. So I always dream about having s** with family member (mostly mom and aunts but sometimes cousins). For me s** is 100% more satisfying when its with someone you know. I enjoy thinking about this when there is sort of a back story and relationship between the two people. This doesn't change the way I see my mom or aunt and I don't even want s** with them, its just the relationship of who they are that pleases me. I still see my aunt and mother the same way. Is this wrong? How can I stop thinking about sec with a family member?



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  • It's normal.

  • Yhyyh

  • You want to f*** them because you're h**** and they are women. If you are honest with yourself you will find that you would probably f*** ANY woman who was willing as long as you knew them. They just happen to be around the most. I know, I was like you. I couldn't and didn't want to f*** another woman if I didn't know here. One night stands, nope. But if she was my friend I would f*** the s*** out of her. I lusted after my aunt's and cousin's when I was younger too. Never after my mom though. Didn't have a sister so I can't comment there. So the problem is this puts you in an odd situation. How do you f*** some woman without knowing her. I would say do what I did. Hang out with older woman MILF and get to know them. Friends mom's. Then come on to them. Go for the divorced ones though. Married ones will slap the s*** out of you.

  • A woman is a woman whether outside or inside so for god sake stop playing innocent and fuckk them all

  • I have literally the same thing, don't worry about it. And seens it doesn't change your view towards them, then it's fine. Btw same person as below

  • It's normal don't about the whole fantasizing having s** with your family members. I have fantasize about my sister and really rarely about my mom.

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