I’ve always dreamt of spending my life with my Aunt

Ever since I was a kid, I remember seeing my Aunt J in a one piece black bathing suit. Fat round ass! Beautiful face! Perfect T***, and the best ass you could dream of. She’s in her 50’s now and looks amazing. Def getting older. But, we still enjoy s**. We’re so in love. 16 years of this! I was 18 when we first hooked up but 21 when we were starting to date. We look nothing alike but it’s my moms younger sister. My aunt Judy by blood. She always got on her knees everytime she’d be with me. She wanted her head as close as possible to my d***. We flirted and had sooo much sexual tension built up. I’d be masturbating to her in one room and she’s in the other masturbating to my pictures. She admitted it. And, she stole some of my dirty clothes when I was 18. Funny enough, she caught me, and we went from there. I was honest. And so was she. We have been together for 16 years! Her daughter is so gorgeous! My aunt just lets me f*** My cousin 2x per month. A and I love our time but Mommy Judy is in the corner masturbating. Finally we invited her and my Dream was fulfilled. A and I had a baby only Judy knows about. 🤦‍♂️ been crazy but I’m in love with both A and her Mom, my Aunt. That’s it. We are all in love. My other 2 aunts and I (Judy’s sisters suck me here and there, they’re hot too and the s** is great but my LOVE is with My Judy and her daughter, my cousin A!! I love you Aunt Judy! Ass of a Goddess, A- Mouth of a Queen


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  • Advice to test the waters to sort of subtly test if she'd be into it? I've been having fantasies about my aunt for a short while now, and don't really know what to do

  • My friend had a crush on his aunt and by some miracle he managed to have s** with her.

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