When mom got divorced there always was a short of money. I was eight then.

Mom send me twice a week to a wealthy ‘aunt’ in our neighborhood, on Wednesday and Saturday. ’Aunt’ was a widow, I think about sixty years old because she already had gray hair.
Mom told me whenever I had to go to 'aunt', that I had to behave properly and always do whatever 'aunt' said.

‘Aunt’ was very nice to me and always had a bite of food ready. After that I always had to help her clean up, take a shower with her and then with 'aunt' to her bedroom to take a nap. For the sake of convenience I had to put on a t-shirt and 'aunt' also put on a t-shirt that just didn't fit over her thick buttocks. In the beginning I thought it was strange but I quickly got used to it.

In bed 'aunt' always pulled me tightly against her and I also thought that it was strange at first but later nice because with her thick body she felt nice and soft and warm. She always took a hand from me and then placed it on one of her heavy b****** or sometimes on the spot between her legs where I then cuddled my fingers between her hair because she always liked it. She encouraged to explore there I then got a special feeling and then got a stiff one; 'aunt' grabbed my c*** which gave me an even better feeling. I learned to do my best from 'aunt' so that after a while she began to pant and moan. When she was satisfied she pulled me tightly against her again and told me to lie down and sleep. And I felt good because ‘aunt’ was pleased with me.

By the time I was ten, 'aunt' had taught me how to spoil her with my tongue, I liked that because 'aunt' always tasted exciting when she moaned and got very wet, but the best thing was that 'aunt' also started to pleasure me with her mouth. ‘Aunt’ was shocked when I was twelve and that first time with her when my sticky stuff shot a huge load into ‘aunts’ mouth, I was shocked myself but it gave me a great feeling. Then ‘aunt’ got used to it and often said, "Good, boy"; 'aunt' never called me by name but always said boy to me.

In fact, 'aunt' trained me for the real thing because when I was about thirteen or fourteen, 'aunt' pulled me on top of her and gasped for me to do exactly what she told me. I lay on top of her soft, round belly with a h******; and ‘aunt’ began to move her belly back and forth a bit and spread her legs up and far to the side. I felt my h****** beating against her hairy p**** and spluttering, when 'aunt' pushed her ass up and grabbed my ass, my hard one slipped into the most delicious, warm, moist hole I could imagine.

'Aunt’ layed still for a short moment and then began to move gently with her round belly and asked me to move with her at the same time. But can you imagine the first time what kind of feeling that gives? I think I moved back and forth two or three times before I shot my full load into her round belly with a hard thrust and a moan for the first time, it scared me.
"Stay in me, boy," ’aunt’ whispered to me, "Lie down, boy." I did what 'aunt' said and to my surprise my c*** remained hard. ‘Auntie’ stayed like that for about a minute or two and then began to move her big round belly very gently again and whispered to me: "Come on, boy, you can do it again, but join in slowly."

This time I kept it up for longer but the third time 'aunt' was the most satisfied, I think I had lasted ten minutes and 'aunt' panted and moaned that it was a pleasure. "Go on, boy, go on, don't stop boy!" I felt a lot and I had to because 'aunt' still held me tight so I almost automatically went along with the ever faster rhythm of the opening of 'aunts' round belly. Now that I know how it goes I can say that 'aunt' came noisily at the end. She was holding on to me so tightly that I was almost thrilled by her. But I still had a stiffness, and when she let me loose, I bumped into her enthusiastically a few times and filled her belly for the third time. 'Aunt' rubbed both hands over my head, sighed and said softly to me: "Well you are a man, boy now that you know what it is like we will do this often. If you want you can come more often in the week!"

I did that and I was always welcome at 'aunt', whenever it was. How busy I was for school, I always found some time for good s** with ‘aunt’. And she always was very glad I came by.

'Aunt' always told good things to mom about me and I only know afterwards that 'aunt' gave mom money every week so that we had no poverty.
'Aunt' also financed my training, when I was seventeen I went to another city to study vehicle engineering. ‘Aunt’ never knew that I was in a room in the house of an elderly woman (who was a bit like ‘aunt’) and would also like to use my sexual services. Reminding mom’s saying that I always had to behave properly and always do whatever the woman who was good for me and gave me a room, I furfilled her h**** wishes. Whenever I was at home for a weekend or holiday, I was always sent by mom to 'aunt' and then I also had extensive s** with ‘aunt’ again.

But in the end I graduated and I was offered work in another state. I was so busy with my new environment and work that I barely got home, after a while I heard that 'aunt' had died and that she had left me a nice amount of money.

I still think back to 'aunt' with a few feelings, I don't feel at all used for her sexual desires because I have always enjoyed it a lot.

Jan 24, 2020

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