Watching wife get seduced

A friend of ours really has the hots for my 53year old wife.
She has long slim legs, pert t*** and a slim curved body.
I have told my wife and she has noticed too.
I try to get her to dress revealingly when he is around, I get very turned on by the thought of him f****** my wife. I know my wife is flattered by his boldness. I suspect given the chance he would jump on her. He has tried to negotiate photos of her t*** in exchange for a free guys trip away. Believe me I would let him have the photos and more for free.
What do you think I should do?

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  • I have a spy cam app setup on my phone. It takes video eventhough the screen is off. I have caught many things on my camera having this simple free app installed. Like one time my wife and I went to a hotel for my Birthday. She asked me what I wanted and I told her I wanted her to suck my d***. She doesn't like doing that, so she always tells no when I ask. I told her it was my Birthday and she should. She finally agreed and when we got in bed I had my phone in my hand. I held down to the side the whole time she was giving me a b******. When I looked at the video later, I could she her rolling her eyes like a m***********. It was very clear she did NOT want to give me a b******. That's why I don't go down on her anymore.
    I have also recorded us f****** many times. The best part is she also doesn't like any pictures or video of her naked. I have so many nude pics and video of her, and she has no idea.

  • Dude, what is it with women? My girl says she doesn't like giving b*******. Has yet to give me a b****** and we been together for 2 years now, but she will b**** her ass off to anyone who listens that I won't eat her out. I told her we should do 69 and she told me h*** no, but then had the nerve to b**** when I wouldn't eat her p****. She told me she didn't want pubic hair in her mouth, but I manscape and even shaved bald, but she still refused. No wonder guys s**** around. Told my coworkers that I shaved bald, but she didn't believe me. Got her curious and when we went for lunch she asked me to prove it. Ended up with her giving me a b****** before we went back to work.

  • You should definitely send him the pic he wants to see. After that, ask if he’d like to see more of her. He’ll obviously say yes, so slowly send him each pic. First of her b****. Then of her naked body. Then of her ass. Finally, close ups of her p****. You know he’s going to tell you he wants to f*** your side, so let the conversation follow it’s natural trajectory, at that point.


  • I like your thinking.

  • My wife used to dress conservatively and always tried to cover her t*** eventhough she has a perfect set of natural 36 full C small D t***. I used to asked why she would cover up such a great pair of t*** that most women would pay to have. Eventually I got her loosen up and yesterday we went Christmas shopping. She wore a button up shirt with the first 4 buttons undone. Her cleavage was amazing and everytime she moved you could see her red Victoria's Secret bra. It was so hot my d*** got hard immediately. As we shopped I noticed other men checked her out. One guy even came up to her and asked if she knew where he could find silverware. Then I noticed he walked around the corner so he could meet us again. His eye always fixed on my wife's t***.

  • Isn't it the best feeling ever when your own wife goes out all slutty looking and you just know other guys that are checking her out will go home that night and f*** their wife thinking about your wife. Some will home and even j****** picturing your wife. I have caught guys taking pictures of my wife. She went out with no underwear and a short skirt. She would sit down and flash her p**** in the direction of any guy. Some guy got his phone out and started taking pictures in her direction. We went to a distillery one time and there was a high bar stool with table facings a couch area. The wife jumped up on the bar stool facing some guy on the couch. The look on his face when he noticed her p**** was at eye level right in front of him was priceless.
    She even had a guy offer to take her home and f*** her. When she said no thanks I have a husband, he said bring him along, he can watch me f*** his wife. When she told me I said she should go over and accept, but she wouldn't do it.

  • I love it when my fiancée does this. She’ll go out with a short skirt and no panties and let other men get a good view of her p****.

    The best part about this is that she’s still a virgin. The guys that see her p**** don’t realize that they’re looking at my fiancée’s virgin p****.

    One day, I hope one of them asks to take her home, so she can tell him that she’s with me and still virgin. After this point, I hope he succeeds at convincing her to go home with him, so that she gives him her virginity.

  • When I was 15, my girlfriend told me she was a virgin too. Supposedly we lost our virginity together. Until I found out from her older sister that she lost her virginity when she was 13. I didn't give a s*** that she wasn't a virgin, but I dumped her for lying to me.

  • I find it hard to believe your girlfriend is a virgin. How do you know she's a virgin?

  • He's probably already f****** your wife.

  • Let him f*** your wife.

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