Wrongful urges

She became my step-daughter at 8. Now that she is 11 and get so aroused thinking how I have seen her mature with the different stages of growth. I wish she would now hide her nudity around me; but she does it so innocently and unknowingly that I don't quite get it. As soon as I started getting hard-ons as I showered with her, I told her she was old enough to do it alone, but she will still occasionally walk in naked to my shower when I am there. I hide my stiffy the best I can and she has never mentioned it. Her mom and I have taught her the birds & bees & to protect herself. And I dare not say too much to the wife. BUT I am going insane with bad thoughts of ... . Especially when I soap her up and run over those e-spots.



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  • F*** you

  • Don't knock young p**** until you try it

  • Dude, If you're still showering with her and soaping her up you must be a Pedo, You say she walks in on you when you shower. Lock the door or tell her she's too old to shower with someone.You sound like you want to do her but you then blame her. If you want it next time in the shower get her to suck your d*** for you. If you really don't want to do anything lock the door and address her habit of not wearing cloths.

  • Lick her bald little p**** and f*** her good

  • She loves my c***

  • Good girls should love daddys c***

  • Love sucking my preteen step daughters breast budds.!

  • Loved doing that while I finger f***** mine

  • If you don't want to shower with her I will

  • Bulls*it paedo fantasy. Take an overdose.

    To all paedos reading this: you're the lowest of the low. Kill yourselves. Now.

  • ? how do i get my stepdaughter too respect my wife. she has being. skipping school and wife cought her smokeing. she flips my wife off and. totaly disrespects her. we have grounded her, taken things away from her. but when i leave house for work. which is diffrent shift times. our daughter starts in on my wife again. she will run. out off house and worse. my wife asked me too spank her. should i do it this evening as wife is at breaking point.

  • Take control of yourself. I'm a father of twin daughters aged ten, we allow them to smoke and drink but I am NOT a pervert and they skinny dip in our backyard pool with my family, their boyfriends and girlfriends but there's no way in
    f ucking h ell that I'd get a h****** over my own or any other minor.

    Have you thought of stopping rubbing her up with soap. I don't think she's as naive as you may like her to be. Bearing in mind, she has been told about the birds and the bees. Keep your grubby hands away from her and her private parts.

  • She likes it

  • Of course she does , society tells us it is wrong but they love getting c*** and being touched

  • My stepdaughter is naked here

  • I’d love to f*** my 18 year old niece

  • What does she look like..

  • God just see my niece at sisters f*** I wish I was 18 again lol

  • She just really sexy

  • Bath time and potty time are best

  • Preteen is best

  • Anything else hapoen........

  • Don't follow your stiffy. It has another mind if its own, separate from your own mind.

  • It is hard as my niece is sitting here with me in panties. she is teaseing me.!

  • Another bait for F***** pedos

  • And thats all it is.

  • I get you and our daughter is allmost eleven and still showers and baths with me. her hairless p**** and breastbuds drive me crazy..

  • Love to f*** her

  • Ever have preteen p****.

  • Yes

  • How long. ago.

  • Many, she was 8

  • ? what did she look like...

  • Hot

  • Nice and ages. my stepdaughter is 10..

  • Lovely, I like it with out hair

  • I know and she is beside me now.

  • So much bullshit you are on every kid post on here you are so full of s***

  • Me also

  • I have....

  • I want too.

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