My mom bought me a really nice telescope for my Birthday last year that mounts on the roof in a protected glass cover. It sends the picture to my computer and I can control it from my phone. I have VM goggles so I can lay in my bed and scan the night sky. We live out in the country so nothing much to do except look at stars. About a month ago I was scanning the night sky and I hit the wrong direction dropping the scope all the way down. I realized that I could see other people's houses. So I have been scanning other peoples houses lately just looking to see what I can fine. We live up on a hill so I can see town pretty good plus I can see any neighbor within sight.

The other night it was late around midnight and i couldn't sleep. So put my goggles on and started looking. I decided to check on some people who live about a mile away from use and see if there were any lights on. Sure enough there were a few lights on. I like looking at their house because they don't have any blinds because they live in the country. Neither does my mom, she says why have blinds in the country when no one is around to see in. I was looking to see if I could see anyone but really didn't see any movement. I was about to move on when I noticed someone pass the window. It was just a flash so I waited to see if they came back. About then the living room light came on. These people have lots of big windows in their living room so I was excited to see those lights turn on. Then I saw Mrs. Jenkins walk into view. She was totally naked. I couldn't believe my eyes. I zoomed to get a better look. Then I saw Mr. Jenkins come in the room and he was totally naked. They both started kissing and touching each other. For several minutes I watched as they kissed and then I watched Mrs. Jenkins get down and put Mr. Jenkins p**** in her mouth. After that she stood up and bent over the couch. Mr. Jenkins got behind her and started having s** with her.

Mr. And Mrs. Jenkins are old people a little younger than my parents. Their daughter is a couple years younger than me in school. I'm not sure where she was but it's a good thing she didn't walk in. At first I couldn't believe what I was watching. Then after I kept watching I found it was kind of exciting. My own p**** started to get hard. I knew I wanted to j****** but I kept telling myself it was gross to do that to old people. I wanted to move along but for some reason I didn't. I started to rub my p**** and that's all it took. I cummed in my pajamas and made a mess all over myself. I took off my goggles and went to the bathroom to clean up. By the time I got back Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins was gone and the lights were off in their house.

Dec 16, 2018


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  • I grew up in the country too. You know what else you can get away with and nobody will notice? Firing off guns.

    If your neighbors ever connect the dots, you may end up a statistic. That would be pretty funny and poetic, wouldn't it? :D

  • When I was a teen I lived with my aunt for a year. She lived in an apartment, my room was on the other side of the wall from the neighbors bedroom. At night I could her them having s** and talking dirty. She loved to be spanked, he would always talk about f****** her in the ass. He would tell her if she wasn't a good girl he would f*** her up. Evidently their safe word was mac and cheese. I would hear a loud smack several times and she would be saying no please stop but smacks would continue until I heard her say mac and cheese, then it would stop and I would her the unmistakable sound of the bed rocking followed with them both making loud moaning noises, and her saying oh God, oh God over and over again. I used to just smile at them in the hall, they had no idea I knew.

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