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Four whitecastle sliders for breakfast, n having pop tarts 4 second breakfast now. I don't workout. But I'm not fat so no concern trolls will get up in my s***.

I just have to laugh when I see them online, not laughing at their targets but at them. None of them would be "concerned" for my health if they could see me, even though I'm probably a year away from a heart attack

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  • You're just another argument to make retro-abortion legal.

  • That makes total and complete sense, and really adds to the conversation as well. Here, have a cookie!


  • Don't worry not today but tomorrow you 'll die

  • Wow!!! SO MUCH WISDOM!!!! *rolleyes

    We'll all die someday, O Font of Intelligence. Maybe tomorrow, maybe three hours from now, maybe in 50 years. I don't know. You don't know.

    So if you simply must bang on a keyboard without supervision, at least attempt to say something significant. If you can't, just eat your fish fingers and leave the talking to actual adults.

  • Love the sacarisim my MISTRESS . Your slave implore you to take me as your human toilet . While you enjoy your stuff online slave will take care of the pink flower down below. My queen slave will enchant you as per you like.

  • You know for a fact OP is a woman? This is what happens when the line blurs between fantasy and reality. Get on some medication.

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