Sexually attracted to my step daughter

As a background my wife is quite a bit older than i am. 13 years to be exact. She has 2 kids from her previous marriage. Her only 8 years younger than i am. I've been in her life since she was 12 or 13. She's 21 now and has developed into a beautiful young woman. Im clearly attracted to her. We get along good and i do see her as a daughter not as a love interest or anything like that.

She or her mother doesn't know but ive checked her out many times with the skimpy clothes she wears around the house. Especially in the summer. Ive never acted on it but like i said ive had many urges. Unique household here with the age differences i guess. I love my wife i just need to say this.

Ive even spied on her in the shower just recently. Ive smelled her dirty laundry. Something about it is very exciting and taboo. But i don't want to spoil our relationship or my marriage.

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  • I have a stepdaughter who is now 33 years old. I have fancied her since the day I met her. Like you my wife is older than me and her daughter is actually closer to my age than I am to my wife. I met my future wife and started dating her when her daughter was away at college. When I finally met the daughter I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. Luckily for me her daughter has a bit of a wild side and has gotten herself in trouble with the law several times. Everytime she went to jail she had to strip in front of the guards and shower with the other inmates. This made her comfortable being naked around other people. So when she got out of prison she came to our house to live. She would walk around the house totally naked and didn't think anything of it. I told my wife I was uncomfortable with her doing this, but it was just to reassure my wife that I didn't fancy her. My wife told me that's just the way she is now, and try to be understanding. I have seen her naked so many times now that I can m********* to her from memory. Although I have seen her totally nude many times, I have only seen her p**** lips once. I got up one morning and she was sleeping on the couch naked in the fetal position facing the back of the couch. Her ass was not covered up and I could clearly see her p**** lips from behind.

  • You should have tapped dat ass while she was sleeping.

  • At least this confessor's "crush" is 21. You're on here talking about children. Bunch of sick f**** in this world. L****** after children is not okay and if you haven't already sought out counseling, you're irredeemable. You should be castrated then executed, in public.

  • I agree. There is a special place in h*** for all you sick bastards who abuse children.

  • I have smelled my stepdaughters panties and yoga pants for years starting at 12 and she is 19 now. Been wanking on her bras and panties almost weekly for the same time. I have a collection of over 30 of her panties.

  • That's incredible. Mine is 22 now living at home and I still enjoy the way her soft lacy lingerie feels on my skin, slowly teasing me to o*****.

  • Mmm 19

  • Mines 41 great body I c** in her panties when I can steal a pair house sitting. I cam so hard and heavy imaging f****** her tight p****.

  • So you also like wome 's panties. Do you like wearing them or just ja*king off in them. I love wearing all items of women's underwear.

  • I love both those activities! My daughter is 22, lives at home, and has such sexy feminine Aerie panties. When I find them in the shower bathroom hamper, I always give them a good sniff and if they're fresh, I can taste her on them. I love the way they feel on my package and stroking my c*** in her pretty lingerie makes me c** so hard.

  • All like dirty knickers

  • You clearly care a lot for her I can understand

  • Thats hot....

  • Nicer at 12

  • Shes still verrrrrrry perky 🤫

  • I know and mine is eleven.

  • Mine is 13 and rarely wears panties when lounging around. I only know because it's hard not to stare. No pun intended because it does get hard when looking. I think it's deliberate cause her showing happened about the time we stopped showering together. She knows I want her and she plays me. I have to jack or hit her mom while thinking of my step. Being that we are not blood related, I think it would not be wrong unless we get caught.

  • Im doing my niece over two years and she is 12

  • Fill her with your c**

  • Whats she look and my stepdaughter is twelve

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