Pacifying my hurt

This is my second marriage and a little over 10 years. Ive never been accepted by his family and they still communicate with his ex fiance. They u se to take our daughter around here, but I stopped that. I caught him cheating several times over the years and ive planned to leave over and over. My husband has no relationship with my girls from my previous marriage. He walks in and out the house saying nothing. The only time we talk is when he's h**** or has done someting wrong. He stays gone from home 8-10 hours on his off days. My confession is that I have been with 6 different men over the course of my marriage with other married men. It pacifies me because of the attention, feeling and support, but im really not happy either way. These guys treay me sooo good. Ive gone on trips, dinner, family gatherings, and just riding and conversation. Intimately ive been with alk, at different times and protected. Theres no rush and for the moment I felt special. I want just one guy that I can give respect and be respected. Im a really good person with an awesome family. I just want that one person to love and truely love me. My heartand soul cant take anymore of being unfaithful. I need major help.


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  • your condition is similar w Princess Diana.
    try not to repeat her steps. She wasnt happy, it's for her to take control coz of loyal family power. But u r luckier than her...take control of yr life. be happy with a man who appreciate u...

  • dont leave. Get pregnant by the other guy and let him raise it.

  • Don't feel guilty. F*** him he sounds like a total ass. Divorce him and get some alimony if you can prove he's cheated. Move on and be happy and live your life.

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