Being sissified and punished as my so called friends wat

I was at a party with my friends. We were playing truth or dare. I was asked by a fine sexy red head if I liked dressing up in longerie, you know, she said with a strange tone. Of course not I answered strongly. She held up some photos of me dressed in panties, couple of me dressed in various levels of lingerie. And several of me being cbt, femdomed and the most humiliating, me being sounded. "He must have a real tiny d***. Sure it's a guy." She said to everyone as she held up the photo pointed to my no bulge crotch. After everyone stopped laughing the redhead that pitted me explained to my complete humiliation, "you see it seems that Sissy here", pausing to point directly at me," Likes to party. When he parties with a certain drug he dosen't he doesn't get rock hard but shrinks down to about this big." Holding up her thumb and index finger indicating about an inch or so. They made me admit I had some more in the car. One of the guys took my car keys and went to retrieve humiliation. The redhead said strip that Sissy b**** completly naked. I was standing in front of everyone naked with my hands held behind my back as everyone watched as I sprung the most humiliating h******. She continued, "He shrinks up can't get an erection but get so turned on and submissive." A bond girl said, "Maybe he to embarressed look he's softening up." The redhead opened her purse and took out a leather paddle about six inches long with a wooden handle. She handed it to the blond, indicated for the guys to stand me against the wall facing foward. As they did so the redhead whispered something to the blond. The blond walked up to me ad started slapping my sluping manhood back and forth. "Harder!" The redhead ordered. She complied and I watched her facial expression go from concern for me to suprise as she saw my pecker stand right up and rock hard. She smiled and then chuckled as she continued slapping sing manhood. She finally stopped and said still looking at me in the eyes and said to the redhead but I amd everyone else could see she directed the commit directly at me," i guess he really does like it. "What now?" She asked as she sat back down to get a good view. Just then the door opened and the guy gave the redhead the oversight case. She took out a small baggie and s glass pipe. I was forced to indulge for the next short while. As the watched me partake the redhead noticed me squirming. She told the guys to stand me back up. As they did so everyone could see how small I had shriveled up. "Hold him tight." She instructed the guys. She kicked my legs shoulder with and with the help of the blond they slipped the tucking glove on me around and all the way up my shrunken manhood letting it slap down hard with a stinging snap competely engulfing my entire now tiny pecker. I tried to hide the fact a wave of humiliating pleasure rushed over my entire being. I opened my eyes to see everyone watching her as she had me bend my knees and ach my back. As i complied she explained to everyone the three levels of tucking. The first just bending back between my legs to the second and third tucking position. In the third position Sissy here will become so turned on and so submissive Sissy will not be able to refuse anything it is told to do, allow or preform." Pausing a moment to watch everyone take in my humiliation she continued," Watch." She exclaimed as she started tucking me. "First position." She said as she pulled me back between my legs. She then gave my now tiny junk a stout pull down then straight back between my legs. I could see everyone watching as I unconsciously rolled my eyes back and gave a submissive whimper. She then said," Second position." As gave the leads attached to the tucking glove another pulldown and an even harder tug as she pulled my manhood back even tighter back between my legs. The blond got up and took a real close look at my now femininize crotch and said as she reached out and gave my tucked pecker hard stinging slap and said as sat back down," Awesome." "You ain't seen nothin yet." The redhead replied as she gave a harder tucking motion. I didn't realize it till later but when she tucked me to the third position I, without being aware of my action and facial expressions and body movements expressed just how turned on I had become. And to prove it and just bring it out in th open the blond asked as she bent over leaning towards and lopking directly between my legs she asked, "wow dude doesn't that hurt?" I paused a moment and before I could answer the redhead put a single black mark on dry board. I asked what the mark was for and she put two more up there. "The first one is because you failed to answer her. Any woman asks you something or gives you instructions you will obey and or reply to her. The next on is because you spoke without permission. And the third is because you asked what the marks were for. Unless you want everyone to know you've trasvestite/sissy you will obey any and all instructions, comands, requests no matter how humiliating it is, no matter how much you don't want to obey. You will submit to all punishments from any and all members of this group. You are now the b****, sissy and play toy for group entertainment or. Individual requests. And not only just to prove how much we now own your sissy ass here are a few changes. Remember them any violation or disobedience on your part will result in full and complete humiliation and punishment." "But you're keep all this and any punishment private right." She put up four more marks. If you want I'll explain it to you again if you like. But of course the penalty will be to double all of your punishments. I stayed silent and watched her put another mark on the board. This time I just stood silent. "I have a couple of questions." A brunette asked as she leaned agsinst har husband. "First what are the marks for and do we all get to rule over Sissy or is it just for get togethers?" Each mark is for a punishment and each one will be more intense and humiliating than the one before it . You or anyone of us can have this sissy p**** little ass for a night or weekend. But as I was saying you Will answer to your name Sissy. And to show what I mean", she assume the tucking position and had me spread my butt cheeks as she pulled me back tighter than I have ever been tucked before. She ran the leads between my cheeks up my back around my shoulders like a bra and tied it between my shoulder blades. They then dressed me in from just panties to full lingerie. They untucked me every thirty minutes to let it breath and to punish me with femdom, bdsm, cbt and sounding. They made me there submissive slave and plaything for all to enjoy for the better part of a year until I was able to earn my freedom

Dec 18, 2018

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