Yes I Am A Girl (Bi)

I'm 16 and well I kind of admire this 29yr old woman for some reason. I don't even know her. She's classy and sweet but badass when she needs yo be. She knows what she wants and grinds so hard. I just f**** with that. I mean recently I've gotten over it but I just wonder what could've caused my admiration for that girl.



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  • Hi it’s normal to develop some sort of crush with people who have strong character it doesn’t matter The gender it’s a crush or some sort of admiration

  • It was a crush that dissolved.

  • I feel like kill myself. im the 14 year old girl and all i got was negative. i did not say anything bad about anybody.

  • You're OP itself,we were not born yesterday

  • You answered your own question. Strong characters are attractive. It is a primitive instinct. People are attracted to strong leaders, as they are most likely to offer protection and ensure survival. It's a 'pack instinct' thing and is embedded in our DNA through millions of years of evolution.

  • You there sweetheart..

  • Oh goodness its pedo mommy again..i am glad

  • Im 14 and like girls also. but im afraid to tell my mom or best friend.

  • You're not but a grown up Fuckin loser

  • Do you even English?

  • You are messing with your life so need to be grounded

  • What do you mean i need to be grounded and why.

  • Who are you talking to and why should i be grounded.

  • Hold your horses till you are 18, get a nice job and have a independent life. Till then don’t bring disgrace to your parents you stupid dirty little s** toy

  • Ahhhh, I love me some good ole' sl*t shaming!

  • The concept of 'not bringing disgrace to your parents' condones a whole host of abuse and even murder. It is one of the nastier characteristics of fundamentalist religions.

  • Hi and im the 14 year old are you the person saying nastey things about me. i have not said a bad word here about anybody.

  • Ignore the mean immature comments. It’s normal to have a crush on a person of the same s**.

  • Shut your moith.

  • As expected , you want me to shut up princess then put that hot fresh bald puss y in my mouth

  • Love p**** with no hair

  • I love nice shaved p******. I'd lay down dressed only in a nice pair of silky panties, and let you sit on my face so I could kiss, lick, and suck your pretty prissy.

  • Like our twin daughter, s

  • I dont have any kkk

  • Why are you saying this to me.

  • Why are you saying mean things to me. im not being smart with you.

  • Just forget it and live the way you want

  • Thank you.

  • Spanked bare bottom. im thinking...

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