Tired of my girlfriend.

I adore my girlfriend, and we get along for the most part. However, there are little things that grind away at me. Nothing is ever her fault, and she’s flawless in her eyes. Any time I bring something up about how I feel, she takes it as an attack and any questions, she gaslights me. I’ve talked to her about this a few times and it just ends up with her doing all the same again. I’m tired of being cautious about how I feel.

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  • Take her a****** and dump the b****!

  • If she can’t treat you the same as u treat her or better why hang around? Sounds like the moment she finds someone else’s head to f*** with she’s gone.
    You don’t need anyone’s advice so move on without her.

  • How can you 'adore' this person ? This is a toxic relationship. Many girlfriends want their boyfriends to open-up more about how they feel. She appears to lack any empathy and sounds like a conceited, manipulative psychopath.

  • *whispers* Stockholm syndrome!

  • Controlling, prude and be being a B**** are things that turn me off. It only gets worse

  • You aren’t married, so there’s time for you to escape. Get out now before it’s too late!

  • I'm sorry. There's always some sort of compromise in a relationship. And it sounds like you are doing the right thing by bringing it up to her. But it sounds like she just doesn't understand that sometimes it's more important to own what's wrong than always trying to be right. It really sounds like she's just immature. Maybe going to a counselor could help. Maybe hearing the issue from a 3rd party may help open her eyes? It couldn't hurt. And your thoughts and feelings shouldn't be discounted.

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