Strange holes

I am a 37 year old mother of 2 boys and married to a loving husband. My best friend Lisa and I have been friends for many years. Her family lives abroad so when she decided to go visit she asked me if wanted to go with her. My husband gave me his blessing and I packed my bags for a week long trip. One night my best friend asked if I wanted to go out. We dressed in our best and hit the town for a night out with her sister who lives there. We stopped at one of the clubs and before long I had to pee. So we went to find the ladies room. As I stepped into the stall I noticed 3 holes in the wall, I was in the end stall. I asked Lisa's sister what the story is with the three holes. She explained to me that they were for sexual pleasure. Come again. She took me back into the stall and dropped several tokens into the machine. The three doors that covered the holes slid to the side. She then told me to drop my dress top and place my breast into the two upper holes. I did as she said and pressed my chest against the wall with my breast in the holes. I was just about to ask what I was supposed to feel when a mouth started to suck on my nipples. Being shocked I pulled back covering my nipples and asked what the h***. We left the ladies room and continued our night of drinking. A little later I was really drunk and made the comment that I wished my husband was with because I was really h****. Lisa's sister reminded me of the service stall in the ladies room. I declined saying I wasn't interested. The drunker I got the more I started to wonder about the third hole and realized it's probably where a d*** comes out. I told the girls i was going for another drink and slipped off to the ladies room. I entered the stall and dropped a few tokens in the machine so the doors would open. I waited for a few minutes but no d*** emerged. I pulled up my dress and slipped down my panties backing my ass up to the hole. I no more than pushed my ass against the wall and a d*** started rubbing on my p****, then it pushed into me. I was so h**** and drunk that it felt amazing. I started rocking back and forth until I orgasmed. It was amazing, and spontaneous, and I loved every minute of it. I returned to the table and told the girls I had been talking to some other guy at the bar. After I sobered up, I realize just how reckless and dangerous that was. I couldn't believe I did that. I had never had s** with or even done anything with someone other than my husband since we started dating. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor after we returned home and asked for a full VD test to make sure I hadn't contracted something. Luckily everything was negative, but I still can't help but think how stupid I was for s******* around on my husband. I will never do that again, but I needed to confess, so that's the reason for my post.


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  • I think you just need c*** and missed your hubbys. Why couldn’t you score a guy at the clubs? Makes one wonder

  • I could have gone home with several different guys in the bar, but then my bestfriend and her sister would have know that I was stepping out on my husband. Have one disagreement with either one of them and they're dropping a dime to my husband.

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