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I am a recently divorced 40 year old woman, After the kids moved out my husband started cheating, well he says that was when it started, who knows and who cares but anyway I booted him out, I decided that i was not going to get into anything else for quite a while but the other night while out with some friends I met...Someone.
I was in the washroom and a girl came up to me, I was wearing a low cut top and although not large chested I had some cleavage built up and showing, She started talking to me and in the middle of our conversation she reached out and ran her fingers down my cleavage then squeezed my breast. I was surprised but she did it so nonchalant that afterward I was confused about what had happened. I went back to drinking with my friends and a few left earlier so it was just me and two others, They had both gone out to dance and this girl came up and sat in our booth beside me.
We began talking and she put her hand on my leg just like it was nothing and we carried on talking, When my friends came back she introduced herself and we all just sat there talking, A bit later I got up and went to the bathroom and when I came out of the stall she was standing there, I went to say something because she was kind of starting to weird me out but she interrupted and asked if she could kiss me. I laughed and went to say something but she leaned in and we kissed, Yup, I kissed her back. Not sure where that came from or why I did it but I did, We stood there talking and she had her hand on my cleavage again and then slipped her hand in my top, Just as she pinched my nipple another girl walked in, She pulled her hand away and we washed our hands then left.
As the night was ending she came up to me and asked if I wanted to go back to her place right in front of my friends, We all burst out laughing and I gave her a scolding look, She handed me a piece of paper and said if I changed my mind to call her, We all left quietly and I made a motion to make it look like I threw the paper in the garbage, As we walked home my friends laughed and joked about how I had options if I wanted to change teams.
I don't know why I kept the paper but I did and now I cant stop looking at it, Just her name, Her number and "Call me".

Feb 13, 2019

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  • Don't forget.....lesbians get STDs too and this girl may have more than her share.

  • Hey, go for it. Your giving this so much thought shows you're interested. And though you're on the rebound it could be just what you need to move forward. But be honest and upfront with her as to where your head is. And that you aren't ready for a relationship right now. But that if she's ok with that you'd like to have a little fun with her.

  • Tread lightly, She sounds a little...Clingy.

  • Call her. Have fun. You deserve it!
    But please if you do,let us know how you get on lol

  • Really, don't leave us out of this story.

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