I'm scared my boyfriend is gay

We've been together for years and at first I did get that vibe from him. It wasnt until my friends started pointing it out that I started to notice the little things we did that made him seem that way. I know it's rude of me but i did ask him at one point and he denied it. I kind of dropped it since but the thought lingers sometimes. I really hope he would be honest with me if that ever were the case

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  • He’s definitely into men

  • He’s had

  • That’s how I met my wife. Long story short. I divorced first wife and by some lucky chance met my new wife Tammy.
    At first I thought it was a joke by my friends. I found out her hubby was supposedly seeing men for many years.
    It was his lost cause she is gorgeous and it took her a while to trust me cause of him. She and him had lots of money.
    Her mother left her with lots of money.
    She is the best thing that happened to me and visa versa

  • Test him. Ask your very hot friend to make a move on him. Tell her you want to see if he objects or how he reacts.. what he says. There are so many things you can do to test him. Put on p*** vids see his reaction towards the characters etc

  • I'm friends with two men who were once married to women, had kids, house with white picket fence, etc. But they were gay, divorced their wives, and are now in good, stable relationships with male partners. It takes some people time to learn about themselves and be comfortable with it. You don't provide many details, but I'd say in general it's possible that your boyfriend is gay. If he is, there isn't a thing you can do about it. Just let it roll.

  • If he is, it's really not even about him being honest with you, it's him being honest with himself. And although you and your friends have pointed out things that may be stereotyped as gay, that doesn't necessarily mean your boyfriend is or isn't. There are definitely men and women who are never come out who are in relationships for years. I get that you may be worried that maybe if he is, and say you get married and have children and then comes out... There's no doubt that would be difficult. But you can't force him to come out. You've been in a relationship with this guy for years, and you love him as the person he is. And you have asked him and he has said no. At some point, you have to accept his answer or you may have to choose to move on. I sort of question these friends of yours and what their motives are. Do they want you two to break up? Idk.. this is a tough one.

  • As you have chosen not to disclose any details of the 'little things' that seem to indicate to you and your friends that he is gay, none of us are really in a position to offer an opinion. In the absence of this detail, it's just as plausible that your friends are jealous of your relationship and want to split you up.

    The one fact that can be teased from your confession is your reference to the length of your relationship - "we've been together for years" yet he is still your 'boyfriend' and not your fiance ?

  • Is he the type that doesn’t want to get inside your sexy panties time after time there may be something hidden.
    Ask yourself this..Does he pound your p**** so hard and deep as if though he wants to prove his c*** is the only one that would have you coming back? Or does he always give you a soft pounding. When I met my wife she questioned why I wasn’t pounding her p**** like all her other sexual partners. She said she loved when they were rough with her. I never gave it that much consideration.

  • I seriously think ^this^ is a really great observation. And you have to ask yourself if he's pounding like he has something to prove.

  • There's a chance he might not have realized it. Don't force it though because if he doesn't feel it then don't worry about it. He might be curious about it.

  • ^very true^

  • Show him gay por n and observe whether there is a erection or not

  • Depends what he likes, I like my girlfriend to do a*** on me with a strapon, but I didn't like it when we had a threesome and the other guy did it to me. And I didn't like sucking his d***. So I guess I just like a*** and dressing up in her lingerie.

  • I've actually met some dudes that I would have sworn were gay (even into crafts and knitting), but married women and had kids. These guys didn't receive any pressure to act straight either (it's a very open community). So, believe it or not, there are seemingly gay dudes who just aren't.

  • I know you don't want to believe it, but if YOU -- who knows him better than anyone -- can see it in him and his behavior, then it's probably true. I recommend hiring a private investigator and have him followed for awhile to see where he goes, and who he's with. And also check his finances (bank account, charge cards, etc.). If you find out things that are weird or can't be explained other than by homoinfidelity, then at least you'll know and can make better decisions about staying or going. And equally important, about whether or not to allow him to stick it in you (considering where it may have recently been), if he's even trying to do that anymore. I hope it's all just a misunderstanding, and that you still have a devoted heterohusband. All best.

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