Teacher and me

I have always been a bit of a h**** person. Even when I was younger I was h****. Playing doctor with the neighbor girl, playing show and tell with the two girls my age who where daughters of my moms best friend, playing touchy feely with my stepcousin, you get the idea.
When I was younger around 11 years old I was sitting in 6th grade. I started rubbing myself and got hard. I sat in the back and didn't think I could be seen by anyone so I pulled it out. I was mostly trying to pay attention and make sure no one could see, but I must have gotten sidetracked and didn't notice Mrs. Ellison walking up. She reached down and grabbed my thing squeezing the s*** out of it. Then she leaned over and whispered in my ear telling me to put that thing away before she ripped it off. I never touched myself in public again that was 53 years ago and I still remember it like it happened yesterday.

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  • Did you wish she would have whispered to meet you after school and bring that along with you? At an early age us became attracted to ladies a****. My teacher was no exception. When she was at the board I couldn’t help looking at her perfect bubble ass shaking in her pants. All the guys would talk about her ass which only added more intense my thought on her ass. There were times I would think how it would feel just to rub my c*** in between her thick round ass cheeks. One day I layed a jacket over my lap and as she was writing on the board I couldn’t control it anymore so I pulled out my c*** which was already wet and after a few strokes shot off a huge load

  • No, I just remember it hurting like a b****. She pinched the s*** out of my d***, that crushed any fantasy I would have ever had with her. I did have a high school teacher who was pretty hot though. I flirted with her all the time, but nothing ever happened. Now the principal's secretary was hot and I used to flirt with her all the time too. One day I had gotten in trouble and was in the office (this happened a lot) and normally I would be flirting with her, but she was on the phone with this guy talking about fixing a leaky faucet in her kitchen. He wanted to charge her more than she could afford. When she hung up the phone I could tell she was upset so I told her I would fix it for her for free if she bought the faucet. She thanked me and said she was go buy a faucet that night at the hardware store. I stopped by that weekend and fixed it for her. After I got done she kept trying to give me some money, but I declined. Instead I started to come on to her and we ended up in the bedroom having s**. I had s** with her many times during my junior and senior year. Never told any of my girlfriends that I was s******* the secretary from school. Then I went to college and didn't see her again. That was ok, there were so many girls in college who wanted to s**** that I never would have had time for girls back home.
    I did see her again about 20 years later when I returned for a class reunion. I introduced her to my wife, but left out the part where we had slept together.

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