The best I could do.

So that I could please the big 3, my mother in law, sister in law and wife and So I would be allowed to stay in our family, I agreed to go to a clinic in Rosarito Mexico and have my testicles removed and my p**** permantly numbed. They are happy with the results of my going down there because I am completely sexless now and It's also really hard for me to stand up to them like I used to so they like that. But now they won't let up with the putting me down and the bullying. I have my kids and that was what I wanted out of this but it's almost not worth it for what I have to put up with.

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  • Omg, can you reverse it. That's insane. Get out.

  • No, once you post a stupid story on this site, there is no deleting it. Ofcourse he probably doesn't care. I'm sure he post all kinds of dumb ass bullshit stories on here.

  • Yep. Definitely a glue sniffer

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