Walked all over at work

So I’m 16 and I work in a pub/bar doing pretty much anything in there. I’ve been the youngest staff member by about 20 years for 2 months until the daughter of the owner started working 2 weeks ago. She’s 18 she went to my school but I only ever seen her and heard stories about her, she had no idea who I was. At first I was excited, because this is like the hottest girl I’ve ever got to be that close to. All my friends were calling me lucky, but I’m not sure anymore. The first 2 shifts she worked I was with her the whole time training her, being really patient and helpful and she was so nice. But after that she started walking all over me, probably because she realised being the owners daughter gave her power. It started when she was at the bar with me and made like 5 drinks, went to take them out on a tray and she accidentally dropped them all smashing the glasses and spilling it everywhere. Before I could even offer a word of comfort she went “F***! Go clean this up!” And I looked at her surprised and went “okay” and went to get a brush and filled up the mop, only to come back to her mum screaming at me telling me I’m useless and that she’s taking the money from the spilled drinks and broken glass out of my salary (because the girl blamed me) I came back and she didn’t make eye contact with me but I could see the smug smile on her face, and I cleaned it up and mopped it. Now she constantly orders me to do stuff for her and get her stuff, not saying “please” or “can you” it’s always just “Get me clean glasses” or “Fill up the fridge” while she stands and does nothing, And yesterday she came in with her high heels a bit dirty and muddy, and straightaway she handed me a cloth and went “Clean my shoes”. She made me f****** kneel onto the floor to polish her high heels. And she was like pushing out her b****** and making sure her dress was tight and went “How do I look?” I said “amazing” and she went “I know” like how cocky can you be? She will go on her phone in the back room making me do the serving on my own which in busy days makes me really behind and she’ll come in and tell her mum that I’m really slow. She’s getting a raise in 2 weeks that will mean she will get paid more than me. She invited me to her New Years house party being really cocky about it saying “maybe you’ll get your first kiss” and laughing. She talks about s** a lot too and always brings up stuff that doesn’t need to be said like “although you wouldn’t know because you’ve never touched a girl” and like “I’ve had s** more times than you’ve talked to girls” basically bullying me for being a skinny virgin, I do have a long distance girlfriend but I wouldn’t tell her that. She keeps pointing out how cheap and s*** my clothes are just because she wears a different £2000 dress every shift. Ugh she’s just a huge bully and makes me feel like a p****. I don’t know if I should go to that party I feel like she’ll just embarrass me

Dec 30, 2018

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  • You need to look for a new job, that's pretty obvious, but her party has potential. Think about it. You go along, if there's lots of people there, sneak off to her bathroom and take a s*** in her bath. She'll never suspect you, as she thinks you'd never do anything to upset her.

    Or perhaps put the time and date of her party on social media, then stand across the street and watch as hundreds of people crash her party and wreck the place.

    Remember: revenge is a dish best served...anyway you can get it!

  • There are several people that we want to kill but we are just common people with family responsibilities

  • ?? Not sure what you mean I don’t want to kill or even hurt her

  • Of course she will use you for her entertainment. She clearly enjoys the power she has over you. She is not suddenly going to be civil and friendly to you. Stay clear of her.

  • But I always have to work at the bar with her, got I hate the fact I’m her “entertainment” I just want a good working environment but she just bullies me the whole time and loves it

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